Wolf Lake donation allows Hubbard County sheriff to buy Throwbot

Wolf Lake Wolf Pack Baseball Club gives $15,000 for purchase of throwable microbot.

The Throwbot 2 robot is a throwable micro-robot designed to withstand repeated drops of up to 30 feet. It can be thrown into thrown into hazardous situations, and it has the ability to crawl a variety of terrain.

The Hubbard County SWAT team will soon have a robot, thanks to a generous donation from the Wolf Lake Wolf Pack Baseball Club.

Hubbard County Sheriff Cory Aukes told county commissioners on Tuesday, Dec. 21 that the club gave $15,000 to his office for the purchase of a Throwbot 2 robot from Recon Robotics of Edina.

“We’ve had one in the past,” he said, but it had reached the end of its lifespan. “It’s used in the search, when the emergency response team goes into a house. It’s an actual robot that can go into different rooms. It’s a safety issue.”

Aukes said the remote-controlled robot can navigate stairs and the dark. It’s also designed to be thrown.

“It’s a specialized item that only one place sells,” Aukes said, adding his office was “very appreciative” of the club’s donation.


The total cost of the Throwbot 2 is $15,974.

In related business, the board did as follows:

  • Approved a one-year services agreement between the Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office and the Lakes Area Dive Team. The team will provide underwater dive support, rescue and recovery for $5,000 in 2022.

  • Approved a service agreement with the Hubbard County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse, which will provide search and rescue services in 2022 for $398.

  • Authorized the sheriff’s office to complete an Emergency Management Performance Grant application and the use of $21,000 as the required county match.

Shannon Geisen is editor of the Park Rapids Enterprise.
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