Editor's note: Contains graphic language.

In this final (maybe) episode, host James Wolner offers a theory (as well as some proof) about the events that contributed to Victor's sad fate. Do you think it answers the questions?

If you missed a previous episode, they're right below! Learn more about Wolner and this project on the Dakota Spotlight website.

About the Podcast

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How did Victor Newberry die? Newberry's body was found along a gravel road less than a mile from his Glen Ullin, N.D., home in December 2014. Law enforcement said there was no foul play, but locals speculated there was more to the story. Podcast host James Wolner went looking for answers. In this gripping 10-part audio series, Wolner lays out the results of his own seven-month investigation.

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Currently a resident of ND, host James Wolner has previously lived in California, Colorado as well as in the country of Sweden where he resided for over 20 years. An IT professional by day James is as fascinated with mysteries and the unsolved as he is with storytelling and the human condition. When not working or podcasting you might find James traveling, reading, cooking, writing or watching high school basketball.