Taste of Home chef promises host of grand palate pleasers

"Rock Chef" Guy Klinzing will touch hearts with song, taste buds with scintillating recipes when he steps on the Century School stage Saturday, Sept. 10.

Guy Klinzing
Guy Klinzing

"Rock Chef" Guy Klinzing will touch hearts with song, taste buds with scintillating recipes when he steps on the Century School stage Saturday, Sept. 10.

Taste of Home culinary specialist Klinzing, motoring home to Chicago from vacation in Wisconsin this week, promises "amazing recipes" on show day. He relishes both the science and history of food.

"I'm excited about the line-up," he said of the "wonderful, diverse recipes" cooking school students will "take home to enjoy."

The professional actor and entertainer will kick off the event with song, to be followed by tutelage on creating a Pumpkin Whoopee Pie.

"It's a fun dessert that can be customized for the holiday," he explained of the "big Oreo" cookie cake, tinted orange for Halloween or red for Yuletide merriment. "It's a great sweet treat."


Some of recipes, he explained, will be familiar, but each will hold a unique twist. "I guarantee your neighbor hasn't made this," he promises.

Students will be introduced to Groundnut Stew, a healthy blend of tomatoes, kidney beans and three types of Mexican peppers - pablano, jalepeños and seranos or green chilis. Sweet potatoes, chicken or veggie stock and peanut butter round out the ingredients, garnished with peanuts and lime. Olé!

"I encourage people to try the recipes, even if they see an ingredient they don't like. It might be the surprise ingredient that brings out flavors" of other elements, he explained, citing cumin as an example.

"My objective is to challenge; try something new, try something different. Make the recipe your own," he said.

Klinzing will share a "whole lotta flavors goin' on" recipe for Raspberry Mustard Pork Loin. The meat is marinated in merlot, punctured with garlic spears and basted with a raspberry mustard sauce. "It's a very cool dish," he promises.

He'll introduce Roast Pork Sliders with Cranberry Sauce, pickled sweet red onions adding a dashing escapade for the palate. "It's simple to make, but delicious."

The demo "menu" will also include Countertop Oven Wisconsin BBQ Chicken Pizza, Tuscan Bread Salad, Chex PB and Chocolate Blast, Easy Thai Chicken with Rice and Huevos Rancheros.

He'll close the show with Rich Agave Chocolate Cake, organic nectar from Mexico mixed with raspberries and chocolate to create a memorable mouthful.


Klinzing has now performed in 19 states, in 75 shows, introducing 700 recipes before 50,000 people - with some "memorable moments."

Recipes that don't turn out give cause to pause, and create a giggle for the gaggle.

"But that makes it less intimidating," he said of chefs in training. "And I get the biggest laughs when something goes awry.

"I view this as part culinary education and part entertainment. The actor side of me never wants to see yawning. I engage the audience."

And to that end, the event will be spiced with a bit of Elvis and topped off with some country tunes.

"As long as I sing on key, there are no complaints."

Tickets for the 3 p.m. cooking school are available at J&B Foods, at the Park Rapids Enterprise or by calling the Enterprise at 732-3364.

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