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Tammy Swift

Tammy has been a storyteller most of her life. Before she learned the alphabet, she told stories by drawing pictures and then dictated the narrative to her ever-patient mother. A graduate of North Dakota State University, she has worked as a Dickinson, N.D., bureau reporter, a Bismarck Tribune feature writer/columnist, a Forum feature reporter, columnist and editor, a writer in NDSU's Publications Services, a marketing/social media specialist, an education associate in public broadcasting and a communications specialist at a nonprofit.
She has returned to The Forum exactly four times throughout her (mumble, mumble)-year career. This time around, she is a business writer. She also continues the award-winning column first introduced to Red River Valley readers when she was a Forum intern in 1986.

She is especially interested in stories of people who rise up after overcoming adversity, anything that is weird or unusual, small businesses in rural areas and cottage industry. She loves reading, dogs, watching movies, board games, drawing, coffee and searching for the world's best chocolate chip cookie (not necessarily in that order).

She can be reached at tswift@forumcomm.com.

Columnist Tammy Swift recommends using plain, old Persian limes to create an egg-free Key lime pie that's every bit as tart and tasty as one made the traditional way.
After recently losing his teenage son, a grieving dad faces his first Father's Day. It's a reminder that we need to be there for parents who have lost children — and be grateful for our own families as well, columnist Tammy Swift says.
While attempting to write a newspaper bio on her mother, writer Tammy Swift discovers her mom is an endangered species — an anti-narcissist who is fine with working backstage, thank you.
Growing up, the household of Tammy Swift's bestie seemed like nirvana. It was a spotless rambler — the height of 1970s’ cool, in her book — with a mom who dressed fashionably and kept their freezer stocked at all times with at least five different homemade cookies. But as time passed, she learned all moms contribute in their own way.
Columnist Tammy Swift isn't too proud to admit that when she makes a cake for Mother’s Day, it will be lovingly baked with the Pillsbury Doughboy nodding approvingly over her shoulder. She knows her mom, who always appreciates cooking hacks, will approve of this "shortcut" Tres Leches Cake, an ultra-moist, not-too-sweet cake soaked in three types of milk.
From the "11 CDs for one penny!" marketing of the Columbia House Record Club to today's slick "Just click to subscribe" trickery, columnist Tammy Swift struggles to navigate the complex world of auto-renewals, free trial periods and digital subscriptions.
Mark J. Lindquist is now in a corner of the world where air raid sirens go off every day, panic-stricken citizens are lined 20 to 30 people deep at ATMs and an Easter Monday missile strike killed seven people. Even so, he's finding ways to get essential supplies to the Ukrainians who need them most.
At a time when the bird flu has threatened to drive the Easter Bunny into early retirement, it seems wise to find a version of angel food that uses fewer eggs, such as this recipe for mock angel food.
In an email to The Forum, Lindquist wrote, “I was able to use Google translate to talk to the little girl about her teddy bear and her big smile,” Lindquist writes. “They were doing well and had smiles that seem incomprehensible given their current situation.”
Welcome to the trend of "goblin mode" — the phenomenon of embracing and owning your inner, perfectly imperfect, binge-watching, junk food-eating sloth.