Reichling, Zigan crowned King, Queen of Lanes

We have a new King and Queen of the Lanes. Eric Reichling battled from the bottom rung of the step ladder finals last Friday night at Lori Lea Lanes, defeating Larry Overcash, Maurice Sylvester, Ryan Eischens and Kevin Dotson to be named the 2010...

Eric Reichling, Mary Zigan
Eric Reichling (left) and Mary Zigan bowled their way to earning the titles of 2010 King and Queen of the Lanes at Lori Lea Lanes.

We have a new King and Queen of the Lanes.

Eric Reichling battled from the bottom rung of the step ladder finals last Friday night at Lori Lea Lanes, defeating Larry Overcash, Maurice Sylvester, Ryan Eischens and Kevin Dotson to be named the 2010 King of the Lakes. This is Eric's second title. He also won the event in 2007.

Mary Zigan defeated Linda Meyer in the final game of competition last Friday at Lori Lea Lanes to earn the title of Queen of the Lanes. Mary was the top seed following the qualifying round bowled last Thursday night. Linda Meyer advanced from the No. 3 seed position defeating Missy Poncelet and Karen Hanisch before taking on Mary in the final game, where Mary prevailed. Lori Crep was the other bowler who qualified and competed in the final round.

Congratulations go out to Eric and Mary for earning the titles of King and Queen of the Lanes for 2010.

The Headwaters Bowling Association, together with Lori Lea Lanes, sponsors the annual tournament in the spring of the year to challenge league bowlers with the highest averages to compete for not only the titles of King and Queen of the Lanes, but also an interesting assortment of gift certificates and donated prizes. This is a scratch tournament designed to bring together bowlers from all leagues to determine the best of the best. However, in reality, every bowler who qualifies to bowl has a chance to soar to the top. It is exciting to see the lower average qualifiers take on the top bowlers without the advantage of handicap. In many situations, they win.


The average used to qualify for the tournament must be based on a minimum of 45 games bowled on one league prior to the cut-off date (which was Feb. 22). An invitation to participate was issued the first week in March to the top 20 men and the top 20 women bowlers. When some bowlers did not respond, additional invitations were issued. Seventeen men and 16 women competed in the first round of the tournament last Thursday night. All bowlers rolled three games with each game rolled on a different pair of lanes. The five men and the five women with the best series scores advanced to the final round last Friday.

Competing for the men were Dude Trosdahl, Eric Reichling, Kevin Dotson, Keith McAdams, Tim Ulvin, Larry Overcash, Ken Sikorski, Tony Zachary, Ryan Eischens, Dave Trafford, Maurice Sylvester, Steve Wilkie, Virgil Eskola, Keith Torma, Brian Karl, Rich Ulvin and Cory Herberg. The roster of women included Lori Crep, Chris May, Karen Hanisch, Jessica Cross, Theresa Junker Quinn, Missy Poncelet, Mary Zigan, Jlayne Torma, Bobbi Jones, Pam O'Connell, Michelle Goodman, Judy Lydell, Lynne Cloutier, Linda Meyer and Alicia Eskola.

Several men rolled noteworthy games during the qualifying round. Kevin Dotson opened up with a 238 the first game. He backed off the second game and ended with a 157, but he came back strong the third game and added a 243 that gave him a 638 three-game total and the top spot at the end of the first round. Ryan Eischens' three-game total was 617 with a high game of 241. Maurice Sylvester was close behind with a 608 series and a high game of 226. Larry Overcash topped all bowlers with a high game of 258 but couldn't meet with success the other two games and ended with a respectable 568 series. Eric Reichling also concluded the three-game series with a 568. Reichling's high game was a 245. Dual responsibilities, bowling and babysitting, the first game cut into Reichling's score at the onset. Other noteworthy games bowled included Tim Ulvin (234), Dude Trosdahl (205), Keith McAdams (211), Brian Karl (206 and 210) and Tony Zachary (202). Keith McAdams was the 2009 King of the Lanes.

For the women, Mary Zigan's 224 the first game of the series gave her a decided edge as the women started into the second game of the series. Mary's three-game total was a 521. Karen Hanisch, the reigning Queen of the Lanes, bowled consistently, contributing games of 159, 156 and 172 for a 487 three-game total. Linda Meyer bowled above her average for most of the tournament. She put together games of 160, 168 and 151 for a 479 finish. Missy Poncelet earned a chance to compete in the final round with a 480 series. Her best game was a 189. Two great games of 185 and 179 followed by a score that can't be printed allowed Lori Crep to slip in to the final round and complete the roster of bowlers for the final night of the tournament. Other high individual games rolled included Judi Lydell (192), Theresa Junker Quinn (181) and Bobbi Jones (176 and 178).

The final night of the tournament belonged to Eric Reichling, who started at the bottom of the ladder and knocked off all other bowlers one at a time. The closest any of the competition came to Reichling was a 25-pin spread. All bowlers, with the exception of Reichling, bowled much better the opening round of the tournament. Eric Reichling tossed games of 189, 205, 199 and 190 on the road to victory.

Linda Meyer not only emerged as a competitor in this tournament, but also rolled her first 200 game during the stepladder finals. Missy Poncelet defeated Lori Crep in the first game 165 to 157 and moved on to get taken out by Linda Meyer, who bowled a 210. Linda Meyer advanced to meet Karen Hanisch and in the 10th frame squeaked out a 158 to 155 win. Tired and out of breath, Meyer faced a rested Mary Zigan, who successfully defeated Meyer 148 to 120.

The tournament committee would like to thank Taylor Ondracek, Dani Ondracek, Sheila Sande and Becky Cloutier for their services as lane monitors. We would also like to thank the businesses who contributed gift certificates and merchandise as prizes.

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