Golf: Park Rapids girls complete perfect Northern Pines Conference season

Nevis and United North Central boys win meets to close out NPC play.

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WALKER – Anna Eckmann and the Park Rapids girls golf team completed a perfect Northern Pines Conference season at LongBow Golf Club on Monday, May 23.

Eckmann earned medalist honors and Park Rapids won both meets as both finished first in all six NPC events. Eckmann and Mady Maninga shared medalist honors on the front side with 38s as the Panthers carded a three-golfer score of 121. Eckmann followed with a 39 on the back side as Park Rapids led the field with a 134.

Lexi Usher completed the Panthers’ team score on the front side with a 45 while Natalie Backmann carded a 50 on the back side to complete Park Rapids’ team score.

Usher had a 51 on the back side and Backmann carded a 57 on the front side. Emma Vrieze had rounds of 55 and 57 while Louisa Etter carded rounds of 63 and 69 for the Panthers.

Nevis finished third on the front side with a 186 behind Sofia Anderson’s 55, Sarah Boettcher’s 61 and Anna Crimmins’ 70. Megan Lindow added a 71. On the back side, Anderson’s 52, Crimmins’ 60 and Lindow’s 62 led to a 174 for fourth place while Boettcher added a 68.


United North Central fielded an incomplete team with Alayna Day carding rounds of 47 and 50 and Sofia Pulju posting scores of 61 and 64.

Team scores (front side): Park Rapids 121, Pine River-Backus 155, Nevis 186, Blackduck 194, Cass Lake-Bena 196. Incomplete teams: United North Central, Red Lake, Walker-Hackensack-Akeley.

Co-medalists: Anna Eckmann, PR, and Mady Maninga, PR, 38. 3, Kianna Johnson, WHA, 42. Other scores: Lexi Usher, PR, 45; Alayna Day, UNC, 47; Emma Vrieze, PR, 55; Sofia Andeson, N, 55; Natalie Backmann, PR, 57; Sarah Boettcher, N, 61; Louisa Etter, PR, 63; Sofia Pulju, UNC, 61; Anna Crimmins, N, 70; Megan Lindow, N, 71.

Team scores (back side): Park Rapids 134, Pine River-Backus 148, Cass Lake-Bena 163, Nevis 174, Blackduck 191. Incomplete teams: United North Central, Red Lake, Walker-Hackensack-Akeley.

Medalist: Anna Eckmann, PR, 39. 2, Kianna Johnson, WHA, 42. 3, Mady Maninga, PR, 45. Other scores: Natalie Backmann, PR, 50; Alayna Day, UNC, 50; Lexi Usher, PR, 51; Sofia Anderson, N, 55; Emma Vrieze, PR, 57; Anna Crimmins, N, 60; Megan Lindow, N, 62; Sofia Pulju, UNC, 64; Sarah Boettcher, N, 68; Louisa Etter, PR, 69.

Nevis, UNC boys win meets

WALKER – Nevis and United North Central topped the field at LongBow Golf Club in the final Northern Pines Conference boys golf meets of the season on Monday, May 23.

A pair of 40s by Lealan Norby and Ethan Lewis, a 41 by Ty Warrington and a 45 by Eddie Kramer gave Nevis a four-golfer team score of 166 on the front side. Spencer Lindow had a 48 and Eli Lewis carded a 55 for the Tigers.

UNC was second with a 169 behind a pair of 41s by Carter Hillukka and Jeron Pinoniemi, a 43 by Nick Wurdock and a 44 by Joey Hillukka. Ryan Tolkkinen’s 48 and Josh Hillukka’s 51 completed the Warriors’ squad.

Park Rapids tied for third place with a 172 with Quincy Squires’ 40, Nolan Eckmann’s 43, Hunter Harrison’s 44 and Conner Hanson’s 45 leading the way. Noah Phillippi had a 53 and Jeremiah Olson added a 56.

Walker-Hackensack-Akeley’s Lake Elling earned medalist honors with a 37.

Wurdock claimed medalist honors on the back side with a 37 in leading UNC to a winning score of 160. Joey Hillukka’s 39 and a pair of 42s by Carter Hillukka and Pinoniemi completed the Warriors’ team score. Tolkkinen and Josh Hillukka had 45s.

Norby, Ethan Lewis and Lindow carded 41s and Warrington had a 45 in leading Nevis to third place with a 168. Eli Lewis had a 49 and Kramer carded a 50.


Park Rapids was fourth with a 174 with Squires’ 42 and 44s by Eckmann, Harrison and Hanson comprising the team score. Phillippi carded a 52 and Olson had a 56.

Team scores (front side): Nevis 166, United North Central 169, Park Rapids 172, Walker-Hackensack-Akeley 172, Cass Lake-Bena 185, Deer River 206, Blackduck 208. Incomplete teams: Bigfork, Red Lake.

Medalist: Lake Elling, WHA, 37. 2, Parker Brock, WHA, 38. 3 (tie), Quincy Squires, PR, Lealan Norby, N, and Ethan Lewis, N, 40. Other scores: Carter Hillukka, UNC, 41; Jeron Pinoniemi, UNC, 41; Ty Warrington, N, 41; Nick Wurdock, UNC, 43; Nolan Eckmann, PR, 43; Joey Hillukka, UNC, 44; Hunter Harrison, PR, 44; Eddie Kramer, N, 45; Conner Hanson, PR, 45; Ryan Tolkkinen, UNC, 48; Spencer Lindow, N, 48; Josh Hillukka, UNC, 51; Noah Phillippi, PR, 53; Eli Lewis, N, 55; Jeremiah Olson, PR, 56.

Team scores (back nine): United North Central 160, Walker-Hackensack-Akeley 165, Nevis 168, Park Rapids 174, Cass Lake-Bena 176, Blackduck 203, Deer River 215. Incomplete teams: Bigfork, Red Lake.

Medalist: Nick Wurdock, UNC, 37. 2 (tie), Lake Elling, WHA, and Parker Brock, WHA, 38. Other scores: Joey Hillukka, UNC, 39; Lealan Norby, N, 41; Ethan Lewis, N, 41; Spencer Lindow, N, 41; Carter Hillukka, UNC, 42; Jeron Pinoniemi, UNC, 42; Quincy Squires, PR, 42; Nolan Eckmann, PR, 44; Hunter Harrison, PR, 44; Conner Hanson, PR, 44; Ryan Tolkkinen, UNC, 45; Josh Hillukka, UNC, 45; Ty Warrington, N, 45; Eli Lewis, N, 49; Eddie Kramer, N, 50; Noah Phillippi, PR, 52; Jeremiah Olson, PR, 56.

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