Park Rapids, Nevis boys race by competition

The Park Rapids boys cross country team took first for the third time while the Tigers finished first for the fourth time this season.

Reese Mowell (left) and Jack Johnson rounded out the team score as the Nevis boys cross country team won the title at Frazee on Oct. 1. Vance Carlson / Enterprise

Having six runners finish in the top 10 resulted in another win for the Park Rapids boys cross country team at the Ashby/Brandon-Evansville triangular on Thursday, Oct. 1.

The Panthers just missed tallying their third perfect score of the season by compiling 18 points at Evansville’s Pine Ridge Golf Course to take first for the third time in six meets this fall.

Darryl Etter covered the 5K course in a winning time of 17:50 while Ephraim Bervig followed with a runner-up 18:03. Nate Bervig was fourth in 18:12 and Eli Bervig was fifth in 18:17 while Ronaldo De La Cruz Gomez completed the team score by placing sixth in 18:37. ABE’s Hunter Norby prevented the Panthers from recording another perfect score by placing third in 18:08.

Also running varsity for the Panthers were Sam Warne (eighth in 19:02) and Skylar Hagen (13th in 19:58).

ABE was a distant second with 40 points while Pillager took third with 85 points.


In the girls meet, Emma Reeder led the field with a winning time of 22:21 in leading Pillager to the team title with 18 points. ABE was second with 44 points while Park Rapids had an incomplete team.

Natalia Lopez was second in 22:42 and Aleka London was third in 22:43 as the Panthers’ only runners.

Boys team scores: Park Rapids 18, Ashby/Brandon-Evansville 40, Pillager 85.
Individual results
1, Darryl Etter, PR, 17:50. 2, Ephraim Bervig, PR, 18:03. 3, Hunter Norby, ABE, 18:08. 4, Nate Bervig, PR, 18:12. 5, Eli Bervig, PR, 18:17. 6, Ronaldo De La Cruz Gomez, PR, 18:37. 7, Micah Fossell, ABE, 18:57. 8, Sam Warne, PR, 19:02. 9, Logan Froemming, ABE, 19:11. 10, Wes Siira, ABE, 18:18. 13, Skylar Hagen, PR, 19:58. JV: Landon Strasburg, PR, 19:27; Owen Wagner, PR, 19:59; Blaine Hensel, PR, 20:10; Matt Dahring, PR, 21:35; Cameron Runyan PR, 22:11; Zachary Buck, PR, 22:19; Pierce DeBlieck, PR, 23:07; Aiden Yliniemi-Hensel, PR, 23:31; Leo Kaufenberg, PR, 24:18; Nolan Eckmann, PR, 24:53.
Girls team scores: Pillager 18, Ashby/Brandon-Evansville 44, Park Rapids incomplete.
1, Emma Reeder, P, 22:21. 2, Natalia Lopez, PR, 22:42. 3, Aleka London, PR, 22:43. 4, Lindy Cordes, P, 22:45. 5, Lucea Wales, ABE, 23:34.

Nevis boys prevail

The fourth 1-2-3 finish by Jack McNamee, George Bjorklund and Evan Pohl led the Nevis boys cross country team to its fourth first-place finish of the season.

McNamee finished the 5K course at Frazee on Oct. 1 in 17:03 to break the course record. Bjorklund was second in 17:16 and Pohl took third in 17:20 as the Tigers compiled 27 points. Frazee was second with 39 points and Bertha-Hewitt took third with 52 points.

Jack Johnson finished 10th in 19:14 and Reese Mowell was 11th in 19:18 to complete Nevis’ team score. Daniel Lindow placed 13th in 19:56 and Eli Peterson was 15th in 19:57 for the Tigers.

Jade Rypkema captured her sixth title in six races by breaking the course record with a winning time of 18:59 as the Nevis girls claimed runner-up honors with 37 points. Frazee, which had the next four runners, took first with 22 points in this dual meet.

Completing the Tigers’ team score were Molly Lindow (sixth in 23:27), Addison Lindow (seventh in 23:3), Emily Funk (11th in 24:56) and Savannah Anderson (12th in 27:15). Amber Gabriel (13th in 30:02) and Sarah Boettcher (14thin 30:57) completed Nevis’ varsity lineup.

Nevis’ Adeline Bjorklund (first in 13:10) and Grace McNamee (third in 15:15) ran in the girls 3,200-meter junior high race.


Girls team scores: Frazee 22, Nevis 37.
Individual results
1, Jade Rypkema, N, 18:59. 2, Kaidence Mayfield, F, 22:37. 3, Amanda Danielson, F, 22:45. 4, Braylee Riewer, F, 22:50. 5, Bailey Larsen, F, 23:18. 6, Molly Lindow, N, 23:27. 7, Addison Lindow, N, 23:33. 11, Emily Funk, N, 24:56. 12, Savannah Anderson, N, 27:15. 13, Amber Gabriel, N, 30:02. 14, Sarah Boettcher, N, 30:57.
Boys team scores: Nevis 27, Frazee 39, Bertha-Hewitt 52.
Individual results
1, Jack McNamee, N, 17:03. 2, George Bjorklund, N, 17:16. 3, Evan Pohl, N, 17:20. 4, Alex Beck, F, 17:28. 5, Nathan Johannsen, F, 17:36. 6, Christian Carlson, F, 18:07. 7, Brady Rach, BH, 18:17. 8, Peyton Cole, F, 18:38. 9, Preston Miller, BH, 19:07. 10, Jack Johnson, N, 19:14. 11, Reese Mowell, N, 19:18. 13, Daniel Lindow, N, 19:56. 15, Eli Peterson, N, 19:57.

UNC takes second

United North Central earned a pair of runner-up finishes behind Lake Park-Audubon at the Whitetail Run Challenge at Wadena on Oct. 1.

Anjalie Aho led the field in the girls 5K race with a winning time of 19:53. Kaarin Lehto (seventh in 22:25), Kate Hendrickson (ninth in 22:47), Joanna Lehto (11th in 22:56) and Gabby Hrdlicka (13th in 23:42) rounded out the Warriors’ team score of 33 points. LP-A was first with 23 points while New York Mills had an incomplete team.

Also running for the UNC girls were Mattea Smith (14th in 24:04) and Kaylee Westberg (15th in 24:28).

Andreas Aho finished first in the boys 5K race with a time of 18:49. Sam Jackola (fourth in 20:34), Guage Carstensen (seventh in 21:14), Wesley Hodge (13th in 23:52) and Henry Hultberg (16th in 29:38) completed UNC’s team score of 41 points. LP-A was first with 27 points and New York Mills was third with 53 points.

Girls team scores: Lake Park-Audubon 23, United North Central 33, New York Mills incomplete.
Individual results
1, Anjalie Aho, UNC, 19:53. 2, Taytum Nelson, LPA, 20:28. 3, Ellen Schauer, LPA, 21:18. 4, Bella Bauck, NYM, 21:29. 5, Jada Goeson, NYM, 21:34. 6, Beth Schauer, LPA, 21:56. 7, Kaarin Lehto, UNC, 22:25. 8, Grace Schauer, LPA, 22:27. 9, Kate Hendrickson, UNC, 22:47. 10, Laura Schauer, LPA, 22:53. 11, Joanna Lehto, UNC, 22:56. 13, Gabby Hrdlicka, UNC, 23:42. 14, Mattea Smith, UNC, 24:04. 15, Kaylee Westberg, UNC, 24:28. JV: Miley Westberg, UNC, 24:29; Hope Shepersky, UNC, 24:56; Maci Lake, UNC, 25:15; Lora Isaacson, UNC, 25:36; Avory Haman, UNC, 25:43; Rachael SMith, UNC, 27:00; Eva Erickson, UNC, 28:03.
Boys team scores: Lake Park-Audubon 27, United North Central 41, New York Mills 53.
Individual results
1, Andreas Aho, UNC, 18:49. 2, Korey Smigelsky, lPA, 20:28. 3, Thor Erickson, LPA, 20:30. 4, Sam Jackola, UNC, 20:34. 5, Seth Torgerson, LPA, 20:36. 6, Zeb Lewis, LPA, 21:07. 7, Guage Carstensen, UNC, 21:14. 8, Aiden Tumberg, NYM, 21:52. 9, Cale Rudolph, NYM, 22:14. 10, Breck Hensch, NYM, 22:14. 13, Wesley Hodge, UNC, 23:52. 16, Henry Hultberg, UNC, 29:38.

Sam Jackola was the No. 2 runner for the United North Central boys cross country team at Wadena on Oct. 1. Vance Carlson / Enterprise

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