Panthers win third straight dual meet

Depth sparked the Park Rapids girls swimming and diving team past Fosston/Bagley.

Lizzie Seifert clocked a winning time of 2:18.65 in the 200-yard freestyle during the Panthers' win over Fosston/Bagley on Tuesday, Sept. 15. Vance Carlson / Enterprise

Six different individuals turned in winning performances as the Park Rapids girls swimming and diving team won the first nine events before swimming exhibition in a 107-54 victory over Fosston/Bagley at the Area High School pool on Tuesday, Sept. 15.

In the first nine events, the Panthers went 1-2-3 in three races and added 1-2 showings in four events in building a 107-26 lead. The win was the third in a row for the Panthers, who improved to 3-1 on the season.

Park Rapids opened the meet with a 1-2 finish in the 200-yard medley relay with Aleah Voigt, Massie Lee, Savana Damar and Addison Lauwagie taking first in 2:07.43 and Maria Wagner, Gabi Shepersky, Analise Smee and Allison Offerdahl following in 2:15.01.

Lizzie Seifert led the pack for a sweep in the 200 freestyle with a winning time of 2:18.65 while Mylee Edevold (2:24.82) and McKenzie Himango (2:29.22) followed before Voigt clocked a winning time of 2:29.57 in the 200 individual medley with Maya Deshayes taking third in 2:43.40.

After Ulvin’s 26.27 and Emma Vrieze’s 27.08 led to a 1-2 finish in the 50 freestyle, Brielle Krabbenhoft took first in diving with 152.50 points and Laney Vrieze was second with 113.30 points.


A 1-2-3 sweep in the 100 butterfly followed with Smee’s 1:11.18, Lauwagie’s 1:12.92 and Edevold’s 1:20.03 leading the way. Ulvin’s winning time of 58.95 and Damar’s third-place 1:03.20 in the 100 freestyle preceded another sweep in the 500 freestyle behind Emma Vrieze’s 5:55.10, Seifert’s 6:17.51 and Deshayes’ 6:20.67.

Ulvin, Damar, Lauwagie and Emma Vrieze clocked a 1:49.71 to win the 200 freestyle relay while Smee, Edevold, Deshayes and Seifert followed in 1:59.20 to conclude the scoring for the Panthers.

Park Rapids swam exhibition in the final three races. Aleah Voigt would have won the 100 backstroke in 1:07.96 while Shepersky’s 1:21.54 and Lee’s 1:23.10 in the 100 breaststroke would have produced another 1-2 finish. The Panthers’ 400 freestyle relay teams also would have gone 1-2 with a 4:03.10 by Ulvin, Emma Vrieze, Voigt and Lauwagie along with a 4:16.92 by Smee, Damar, Lee and Seifert.

Park Rapids also posted a 72-54 win in the junior varsity meet.

“We’re doing well for this point of the season. We’re swimming well, but mentally we have to be stronger than what we are,” said Park Rapids head coach Todd Fritze. “We had five of the best weeks of practice we’ve had in a long time. Everyone is tired right now, so we’re stressing being mentally sharp.”

The Panthers will host a pair of duals next week against Crookston on Tuesday (Sept. 22 ) starting at 5:30 p.m. and against Perham/New York Mills on Thursday (Sept. 24) starting at 6 p.m. Park Rapids ends the regular season at Detroit Lakes on Oct. 8. A decision on whether a Section 8A meet will be held at the end of October will be made later this week.

“I found out a lot tonight,” said Fritze after Tuesday’s meet. “We only have three more meets to go. We have high expectations for the rest of the season. The girls are giving everything they’ve got, but I’m trying to pull more from them.”

Park Rapids 107, Fosston/Bagley 54
200 medley relay: 1, Park Rapids (A. Voigt, Lee, Damar, Lauwagie), 2:07.43. 2, Park Rapids (Wagner, Shepersky, Smee, Offerdahl), 2:15.01. 3, Fosston, 2:22.62.
200 freestyle: 1, Seifert, PR, 2:18.65. 2, Edevold, PR, 2:24.82. 3, Dimango, PR, 2:29.22. 4, Chalich, FB, 2:41.35. 5, Peterson, FB, 2:43.69.
200 individual medley: 1, A. Voigt, PR, 2:29.57. 2, Vig, FB, 2:43.38. 3, Deshayes, PR, 2:43.40. 4, Bagstad, PR, 2;43.53. 5, Balstad, FB, 2;48.33. JV: Wagner, PR, 2:52.28; Shepersky, PR, 2:56.98.
50 freestyle: 1, Ulvin, PR, 26.27. 2, E. Vrieze, PR, 27.08. 3, Wolfe, FB, 27.36. 4, Lee, PR, 28.85. 5, Keller, FB, 31.40. JV: Cederstrom, PR, 31.72; Kaufenberg, PR, 38.15; Decker, PR, 57.41.
Diving: 1, Krabbenhoft, PR, 152.50 points. 2, L. Vrieze, PR, 113.30.
100 butterfly: 1, Smee, PR, 1:11.18. 2, Lauwagie, PR, 1:12.92. 3, Edevold, PR, 1:20.03. 4, Chalich, FB, 1:25.34. JV: C. Voigt, PR, 1:24.60; Offerdahl, PR, 1:27.84.
100 freestyle: 1, Ulvin, PR, 58.95. 2, Wolfe, FB, 1:01.46. 3, Damar, PR, 1:03.20. 4, Bagstad, PR, 1:05.45. 5, Oliviyah, FB, 1:08.28. JV: Himango, PR, 1:09.17; Randall, PR, 1:22.23; Maninga, PR, 1:22.60.
500 freestyle: 1, E. Vrieze, PR, 5:55.10. 2, Seifert, PR, 6:17.51. 3, Deshayes, PR, 6:20.67. 4, Pederson, FB, 7:02.46. 5, Peterson, FB, 7:20.59.
200 freestyle relay: 1, Park Rapids (Ulvin, Damar, Lauwagie, E. Vrieze), 1:49.71. 2, Park Rapids (Smee, Edevold, Deshayes, Seifert), 1:59.20. 3, Fosston, 2:00.90. 4, Park Rapids (Himango, Offerdahl, L. Vrieze, Bagstad), 2:06.82. JV: Park Rapids (Decker, Kaufenberg, Maninga, Randall), 2:38.73.
100 backstroke: 1, Vig, FB, 1:11.98. Exhibition: A. Voigt, PR, 1:07.96; Wagner, PR, 1:14.01; C. Voigt, PR, 1:24.16. JV: Kaufenberg, PR, 1:45.87.
100 breaststroke: 1, Balstad, FB, 1:28.76. 2, Pederson, FB, 1:32.60. Exhibition: Shepersky, PR, 1:21.54; Lee, PR, 1:23.10; Cederstrom, PR, 1:32.01. JV: Randall, PR, 1:44.29; Maninga, PR, 1:54.60.
400 freestyle relay: 1, Fosston, 4:36.19. 2, Fosston, 5:28.39. Exhibition: Park Rapids (Ulvin, E. Vrieze, A. Voigt, Lauwagie), 4:03.10; Park Rapids (Smee, Damar, Lee, Seifert), 4:16.92; Park Rapids (Bagstad, Edevold, Shepersky, Deshayes), 4:37.88. JV: Park Rapids (Offerdahl, C. Voigt, Cederstrom, Wagner), 4:58.26.


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