Panthers conclude regular season with top vault score

Head coach Cyrus Gust was pleased with the way the Park Rapids-Menahga-Nevis gymnastics team closed out the regular season. The Panthers soared to their highest vault score of the season in a 142.30-122.50 loss at Bemidji on Feb. 11. Despite fini...

Park Rapids head coach Cyrus Gust (right) watched as McKenzie Hagen executed a vault during a home meet. Hagen rounded out the Panthers' vault score with an 8.10 during the regular-season finale at Bemidji on Feb. 11. Vance Carlson / Enterprise

Head coach Cyrus Gust was pleased with the way the Park Rapids-Menahga-Nevis gymnastics team closed out the regular season.

The Panthers soared to their highest vault score of the season in a 142.30-122.50 loss at Bemidji on Feb. 11. Despite finishing with an 0-5 record in dual meets, Gust liked the way his team competed in preparation for the Section 8A meet at Perham on Feb. 16.

"The girls did really well. It was their first meet in almost a month, which felt like forever. So the girls were really excited to get out there and compete again," said Gust. "The meet was run in a very non-traditional way and we had some new varsity athletes, but the girls handled everything very well and I am pleased with how they performed."

Erin Tooker's 8.90, Morgan Koppelman's 8.70, Halle Landstrom's 8.50 and McKenzie Hagen's 8.10 led to a 34.20 team score in vault. That was the Panthers' top score in that event since getting a 34.20 during the 2004-05 season. Bemidji's Tatum Offerdahl took first with a 9.20.

In floor exercise, the Panthers received a 31.10 behind Landstrom's 8.50, Tooker's 7.80, Koppelman's 7.50 and Olivia Ulvin's 7.30. Mady Schmidt and Kaitlyn Tennyson tied for first with 9.10s.


The Panthers received a 30.30 on balance beam with Landstrom's 7.80, Tooker's 7.60, Amelia Berg's 7.50 and Ulvin's 7.40 leading the way. Offerdahl led that event with a 9.30.

Tooker's 7.30, Koppelman's 7.10, Landstrom's 6.90 and a pair of 5.60s by Ally Holmer and Chelsea Dennis gave the Panthers a 26.90 on uneven parallel bars. Offerdahl also took first in that event with an 8.80.

Offerdahl claimed the all-around title with a 36.20 with Lauren Berg following with a 33.95. Landstrom finished third with a 31.70, Tooker was fourth with a 31.60 and Koppelman was fifth with a 30.30.

Bemidji received scores of 36.10 in vault, 36.10 in floor, 35.80 on beam and 34.30 on bars. Bemidji defeated the Panthers 140.475-120.525 earlier in the season.

"A good section meet would be the cherry on top of an already impressive season for these girls," said Gust. "My expectation for sections is that the gymnasts treat this meet like any other. If they compete with the same toughness and focus they have all year, they will have a good meet. Regardless of how they do, I am extremely proud of them."

Bemidji 142.30, Park Rapids 122.50

Vault: 1, Offerdahl, B, 9.20. 2 (tie), Berg, B, and Corradi, B, 9.00. 4 (tie), E. Tooker, PR, and Lucas, B, 8.90. 6 (tie), Koppelman, PR, and Morin, B, 8.70. 8, Landstrom, PR, 8.50. 9, Hagen, PR, 8.10. 10, V. Tooker, PR, 7.80. JV: Novak, PR, 8.10; Kincaid, PR, 7.90; Dennis, PR, 7.80.

Uneven parallel bars: 1, Offerdahl, B, 8.80. 2 (tie), Berg, B, and Schmidt, B, 8.55. 4, Brown, B, 8.40. 5 (tie), E. Tooker, PR, and Morin, B, 7.30. 7, Koppelman, PR, 7.10. 8, Landstrom, PR, 6.90. 9 (tie), Holmer, PR, and Dennis, PR, 5.60. JV: Hagen, PR, 4.30; Cunningham, PR, 3.40; V. Tooker, PR, 2.30.


Balance beam: 1, Offerdahl, B, 9.30. 2, Corradi, B, 9.10. 3, Lucas, B, 8.90. 4, Tennyson, B, 8.50. 5, Landstrom, PR, 7.80. 6, Berg, B, 7.70. 7, E. Tooker, PR, 7.60. 8, Berg, PR, 7.50. 9, Ulvin, PR, 7.40. 10, Koppelman, PR, 7.00. JV: Holmer, PR, 6.90; Novak, PR, 6.30; Billing-Kelly, PR, 5.75; Hagen, PR, 5.00; V. Tooker, PR, 4.80; Cunningham, PR, 4.30; Haataja, PR, 3.60; Dennis, PR, 3.30.

Floor exercise: 1 (tie), Schmidt, B, and Tennyson, B, 9.10. 3, Lucas, B, 9.00. 4, Offerdahl, B, 8.90. 5, Berg, B, 8.70. 6, Landstrom, PR, 8.50. 7, E. Tooker, PR, 7.80. 8, Koppelman, PR, 7.50. 9, Ulvin, PR, 7.30. 10, Hagen, PR, 5.00. JV: V. Tooker, PR, 7.20; Dennis, PR, 6.30.

All-around: 1, Offerdahl, B, 36.20. 2, Berg, B, 33.95. 3, Landstrom, PR, 31.70. 4, E. Tooker, PR, 31.60. 5, Koppelman, PR, 30.30.

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