Much of the region will experience a dry weekend. Cooler temperatures can be expected for northern Minnesota and Wisconsin both Saturday and Sunday. A southeast breeze picks up on Saturday and lasts into Sunday for North Dakota and South Dakota. Watch for thunderstorms to develop later on Sunday across the western Dakotas.

The weather will be mild and a little cool for some on Friday evening. High pressure will be situated to the north of the area, and this cool air mass will aid in a cold start for some of us on Saturday morning. A few areas of northern Minnesota and northern Wisconsin may kick off the day in the upper 30s! You may need an extra blanket or two if you are going to be out camping or tenting this weekend.

The picture below really sets up how the weekend will play out. I'm expecting a breeze for both North and South Dakota this weekend. The southeast wind will pick up on Saturday and last into Sunday. The cool and stable is will be situated near Lake Superior leading to cooler mornings as well as afternoons in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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Areas along the shoreline of Lake Superior could stay in the 50s Saturday afternoon with 60s as you head inland. The warmer air will reside across the Dakotas with 70s and 80s. We stay dry across the region for your Saturday.

An approaching low pressure system will bring a chance of thunderstorms to develop in the western Dakotas to close the weekend. The southeast wind will continue to blow and will be noticeable across the Dakotas and into western Minnesota.

I hope you have a great and safe weekend! And if you are out fishing I wish you the best of luck! Feel free to share any fishing pictures with me. Email me at