Special thanks to Isaac Zinniel who created an informational kiosk for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Wolf Lake Wildlife Management Area (WMA) undeveloped access as his 2019 Eagle Scout project.

The kiosk was installed on May 9 in time for the Minnesota Fishing Opener with Hubbard County Coalition of Lake Associations (COLA) and a number of the collaborating organizations present to help.

Wolf Lake boaters using the WMA access, in the northeastern part of Hubbard County near Bemidji, will now have an opportunity to learn about the aquatic invasive species (AIS) Starry Stonewort discovered August 2018 directly in the access traffic pathway in the lake. They will learn techniques to avoid chopping it, for example. Just one small piece of the green algae or a star-shaped, tiny white bulbil can cause the Starry Stonewort to spread in other areas of Wolf Lake or to other lakes and rivers.

The "Clean, Drain, Dry" message on the kiosk may also help remind lake users of techniques to prevent the spread of AIS, like adult zebra mussels, hiding on vegetation or attached to lifts, docks, trailers or boats, for example.

The bright AIS Identification card will remind folks to use fresh tap water in their bait bucket to prevent zebra mussel veligers from being transported to another body of water. (These veligers are unable to be detected by the human eye.)

Other reminders that the kiosk messaging contain are to drain gear and equipment, live wells, and boat ballast tanks of lake water too and to allow adequate dry time. Plus a reminder of the free, hot water wash locations available through the MN DNR AIS Decon Sites Map App: https://webapps15.dnr.state.mn.us/ais_decon_sites.

Thanks to Isaac Zinniel, Boy Scout Troop 58 and his 2019 Eagle Scout project for helping COLA protect our lakes and rivers! Other collaborating organizations include the DNR, the Environmental Services Departments of both Beltrami and Hubbard counties, the Beltrami County Lakes and Rivers Association (BCLARA) and the South Big Wolf Lake Association whose members will care for and manage the kiosk going forward.