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Kents team up to win Fall Slam fishing title

Ryan Kent (left) and Brett Kent topped the 28-team field to win the Fall Slam fishing title on Fish Hook Lake on Sept. 16. Submitted photo

The father-son duo of Brett Kent and Ryan Kent teamed up to capture the title at the 12th annual Fall Slam fishing tournament on Fish Hook Lake on Sept. 16.

The Kents caught limits of six bass weighing 15.01 pounds and three northern pike weighing 11.02 points while catching five walleyes weighing 8.80 pounds to earn the 2.50 bonus points for catching all three species to top the 28-boat field with 37.33 points.

Dean Christofferson and Jon Gravdahl, who won the Fall Classic title the week before, finished second with 35.85 points behind six bass weighing 14.94 pounds, three northerns weighing 12.54 pounds and three walleyes weighing 5.87 pounds. Nathan Sitz and Jim Clarey finished third as six bass weighing 14.50 pounds, three northerns weighing 12.11 pounds and two walleyes weighing 5.13 pounds led to 34.24 points.

In fourth place was the duo of Ryan Westervelt and Lonnie Murphy with 32.95 points (including six bass weighing 18.55 pounds) while Kevin George and Tayden George finished fifth with 32.40 points (including five walleyes weighing 9.42 pounds). Mark Mikota and Nickolas Willette took sixth place as three northerns weighing 21.21 pounds resulted in 32.18 points.

Rounding out the placewinners were Troy Laidlaw and Ryan Jacobs in seventh place with 31.87 points and James Eischens and Bob Bateman in eighth place with 30.76 points.

This annual tournament benefits the Park Rapids boys tennis program.

Fall Slam results

• Brett Kent/Ryan Kent 37.33 points.

• Dean Christofferson/Jon Gravdahl 35.85 points.

• Nathan Sitz/Jim Clarey 34.24 points.

• Ryan Westervelt/Lonnie Murphy 32.95 points.

• Kevin George/Tayden George 32.40 points.

• Mark Mikota/Nickolas Willette 32.18 points.

• Troy Laidlaw/Ryan Jacobs 31.87 points.

• James Eischens/Bob Bateman 30.76 points.