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Three sharpies who knew when and how to fish

Fishing sharpies know when it's best to fish. Kevin Lindow of Nevis is one of them. Lindow recommends the two dozen days or so after Memorial Day weekend is not the time to slack off fishing. "If I was going to take a fishing vacation in the Park Rapids region the weeks after Memorial Day weekend would be my choice." Lindow says. "Mother Nature turns up the heat with warmer daytime and nighttime temperatures. Water temps shift into the 60 degree range and fish move up for one thing - to feed."

Then there is fishing sharpie number two, Park Rapids area fishing legend, the late Tim Young who had this to say. If you want to catch fish of any species, it starts Memorial Day weekend until the end of June around here. Young preferred fishing any developing weed edge. Lindow, like Young, feels cabbage weeds become home for all species, especially walleyes. Walleyes can be visually seen with a good pair of polarized sun glasses, prowling for food in the shallow water.

Number three fishing sharpie, the late Dave Speral, with myself realized by accident walleyes and other fish species' fondness of cabbage beds. Opening weekend, we had anchored on the edge of a sunken hump, an island that grew to cabbage during the summer, casting jig tipped with minnows for our walleyes. The anchor became untied, still pinned to the bottom. Several weeks later, on a bright sunny Memorial Day weekend we decided to go look for it. We didn't find the anchor but what we did find took us totally off guard. First glance, a school of shallow bass moving amongst the cabbage stalks; further review we realized they were walleyes. Casting one-sixteenth, yellow maribou jigs as close to the fish as possible, we landed a nice mess of walleye.

Sharpies know a lot of methods to take fish this time of year. Lindow likes rigging a crawler with the hook buried in the nose, a short leader to a small barrel swivel and cone shaped "worm styled"weight. Probing the developing cabbage beds in this fashion, Lindow's offering rarely snag. Lindow prefers to slow troll over the developing cabbage beds with his electric trolling motor. Myself, I prefer to cast jigs tipped with plastic tails for the fish. Both styles of fishing are productive. Jigs tipped with fathead minnows certainly work also, however more prone to northern pike "bite offs." Leeches suspended below a bobber on a small jig is yet another choice.

Don't overlook the outside edges of any developing weed bed this time of year during low light periods of the day, rain showers and early morning and late evening . Walleyes venture to the outside edges looking for food like minnows. Speral's favorite, a larger chub minnow on a live bait rig when we made a couple of passes on the "outside edge."

Fishing sharpies, we all know a few, always seem to know when and how to catch fish. Experience that only can be gained with time on the water.