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Hunting in the great outdoors calms busy mom

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Heidi Mason hit the hunting trifecta.  But then her mother also submitted the fish picture.  So now we can honestly say she took to bow hunting like a fish to water.  With her new compound Mathews bow, the Detroit Lakes woman who refused to take youth hunting classes bagged a bear in Manitoba, a turkey in the Park Rapids area and a deer near Detroit Lakes this year.  The 2002 graduate of Park Rapids Area High School and the daughter of Linda and Wayne Warmbold of Park Rapids also caught a 22-inch walleye.  You could call her a woman for all seasons.  

“I started hunting at about age 19,” she laughed. It was hard to resist, living in an outdoorsy family. She married an avid hunter and the rest, as they say, is history. The kid who shied away from hunting class is now at the head of the class.  The bow is a relatively new toy but she loves it.  “I go out and practice,” she said, which she didn’t much rifle hunting.  

The outdoorsy, athletic woman loves the trekking and shooting aspects of bow hunting.  Her favorite sport, however, is turkey hunting. She loves the taste of wild game.  “I prefer to eat wild game above anything else,” she said.  Bow hunting also tests her patience, she added. The mother of two preschoolers, Jackson and Payton, Heidi is always on the go, so bow hunting is a way to leave it all behind for the peace of the woods.  She wants her children to grow up loving the outdoors as she does. She loved her times with her dad hunting and wants Jackson and Payton to grow up with similar experiences.  Weekdays she works for Detroit Lakes’ Community & Cultural Center.  

The bow hunting forces her to slow down her life and smell the wild game.  “It just started with deer hunting and went from there,” she said. She hopes to bag a deer this fall – and maybe more turkeys.  After all, the busy mom completely forgot about what she’s serving for Thanksgiving.      

Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith is the outdoors editor. She covers courts, business and breaking news in addition to outdoors events.

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