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A sneak peek at Detroit Mountain

By Pippi Mayfield / DL Newspapers

Whether you ski, bike or just want to see what the hype has been about, Detroit Mountain Recreation Area is hosting an open house Saturday, Aug. 30, hoping everyone will come see what’s been in the works the last couple years.

“It is so beautiful out here, we wanted the opportunity to show it off,” said Marketing Director Shelly Stowman.

After about a year of approvals and raising funds, construction started with the demolition of the old lodge in August of last year. The new lodge is completed, but the property still has some work to be done.

The mountain is formed, but the parking lot was just paved and now landscaping and finishing touches are still needed.

It will be completed in October, and the recreation area will be open for business the weekend of Thanksgiving.

“We are so excited. This project has been amazing,” Stowman said.

“Our focus is really to give the customer a first-class experience, especially new skiers.”

During the Saturday open house, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., people can see the lodge, see the property, and hike to top of mountain if they want.

“It is so pretty up there,” she said.

The mountain held a special event for contributors on Friday, giving them first view and a big thank you for their donations.

Though the mountain has always been known for skiing, Stowman said it’s important for people to remember this will now be a four-season destination.

Not only will there be skiing this winter, the mountain bike trails will be ready next spring. The trails will be completed “before the snow flies” but there won’t be riding on them until spring when the snow is gone again.

“You put your bike on the back of the lift and take the lift up and do the gravity trails down. It’ll be fun,” Stowman said.