Highlights at Itasca State Park in Aug. & Sept.

Bicycling through Itasca State Park is a popular activity.
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As summer begins to wind down, there is still plenty to do at Itasca State Park in August, September and beyond.

Campfire In The Wilderness With The Northern Lights
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Star gazing: With days getting shorter, drink in the night sky. The Milky Way is amazing to see and visible earlier in the evening.

Challenge your birding skills. Migrating birds, especially warblers, are less colorful as they molt worn feathers. Fall birding means learning to identify birds by other features, such as patterns like eye rings.

Lace up your boots: Fewer biting bugs and cooler temperature means fall is a great time for long hikes.

Enjoy a campfire: Cooler evenings and earlier sunsets means more time to be mesmerized by campfire flames and more time to enjoy s’mores!


Bait that hook: Changes in water temperature means fishing will start to pick up. The fall equinox also triggers fish to eat more, packing on weight for winter.

Wildlife watching: Early evening and twilight is a nice time to watch for signs of beaver activity as they begin to cut more shrubs and trees for winter food supplies.

Photograph mushrooms: Bring a camera and photograph some of the amazing and colorful mushrooms that appear when autumn rainfalls stimulate fungal threads to send up fruiting bodies such as mushrooms, toadstools and shelf fungus.

Alexandria area fishing guide Mike Frisch, host of the Fishing the Midwest TV series, goes over some of the new gear he is most excited about for targeting bass in clear waters that anglers often see in the Midwest after Frisch spent time in Orlando, Florida recently at the ICAST fishing show.
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It had been a few years since there was a decent blueberry crop where I pick, but this year the stars aligned.
Commissioner Mark “Chip” Lohmeier has a proposed operating budget for Deep Lake Park, the county’s new year-round recreational park. It’s located on the site of the former Val Chatel ski resort, about four miles north of Emmaville.
It's a far cry and a long plane ride from California, but at Tettegouche State Park, visitors to the North Shore can find both the water and as close as we get to the mountains in Minnesota.

Get your wheels in motion: Biking in late summer and fall is a nice way to see the start of autumn changes and the weather can be a lot cooler.

Get on the water: Decreasing light levels in late August and September trigger fall color changes. Enjoy the reflection of autumn leaves on the water’s surface.

Fall leaf watching: Enjoy the yellows, oranges, reds and purples as the green leaves of summer fade and fall colors appear. A warm, moist summer leading into sunny, cool fall days with less daylight means fall colors will start to appear. Just like a recipe needs to be measured, if the weather is too warm, too cold, too wet or too dry it can affect when leaves drop or even if the colors will change before the leaf falls from a tree.

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To learn more about the program and apply, visit or call 612-625-9864.
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