Eight Panthers receive Mid-State swim honors

Three weeks of training produced 26 season-best performances and a runner-up finish for the Park Rapids girls swimming and diving team at Friday's Mid-State Conference meet at the Area High School pool.

Lizzie Seifert finished 10th in the 100-yard butterfly with a time of 1:22:23 at Friday's Mid-State Conference meet. Vance Carlson / Enterprise

Three weeks of training produced 26 season-best performances and a runner-up finish for the Park Rapids girls swimming and diving team at Friday's Mid-State Conference meet at the Area High School pool.

Detroit Lakes won 11 of the 12 events and broke three meet records while scoring 569 points to capture the conference title for the fifth year in a row. Park Rapids had eight swimmers earn all-conference honors in placing second with 355 points. Perham/New York Mills was third with 249 points and Staples-Motley took fourth with 122 points in this four-team meet that closed out the regular season.

Josie Retz, Sydney Gulon, Jennifer Tracy and Lucy Steinke clocked a 1:56.02 in the 200 medley relay to break the conference record of 1:56.19 set by Park Rapids' Paige Fritze, Kayla Andersen, Tea Nyland and Alyza Edevold in 2015. Tracy followed with a 2:13.46 in the 200 individual medley to break her conference record of 2:15.64 set last season. Detroit Lakes ended the meet with a conference record of 3:47.47 in the 400 freestyle relay as Tracy, Steinke and Gulon were joined by Kaitlyn Peterson to break the Lakers' old mark of 3:48.22 set last season.

Ellie Ulvin prevented the Lakers from taking first in all 12 events by winning the 50-yard freestyle in 25.89 to earn all-conference honors.

The Panthers had all three relay teams earn all-conference honorable mention honors by placing either second or third.


Analise Smee, Mary Rose Nichols, Ellie Ulvin and Emma Vrieze clocked a runner-up 2:04.01 in the 200 medley relay while Ellie Ulvin, Aleah Voigt, Olivia Ulvin and Vrieze clocked a 1:48.65 for second place in the 200 freestyle relay. Olivia Ulvin, Chloe Voigt, Savana Damar and Smee ended the meet by placing third in the 400 freestyle relay in 4:10.26. Park Rapids scored 48 points in the 200 medley relay, 44 points in the 200 freestyle relay and 24 points in the 400 freestyle relay as the Panthers' second relay team was disqualified in the last race.

Also earning all-conference honorable mention honors were Ellie Ulvin (third in the 100 butterfly in 1:07.80) and Aleah Voigt (second in the 100 backstroke in 1:09.21 and third in the 200 individual medley in 2:29.34).

Katie Eischens opened the meet by placing sixth in diving with 303.75 points to earn 9 points.

Chloe Voigt was fourth in 2:15.60 and Olivia Ulvin finished fifth in 2:17.51 as Park Rapids scored 23 points in the 200 freestyle.

Smee finished fourth in the 200 individual medley in 2:30.28 to help the Panthers score 39 points in that event and took fourth in the 100 butterfly in 1:09.10 as Park Rapids scored 27 points in that race. Vrieze finished fifth in 27.47 in the 50 freestyle as the Panthers scored 35 points in that event.

Vrieze (fourth in 1:01.10) and Damar (fifth in 1:03.07) led the way as Park Rapids scored 28 points in the 100 freestyle before Chloe Voigt's fifth-place time of 6:04.79 helped the Panthers score 26 points in the 500 freestyle.

Maria Wagner helped Park Rapids score 33 points in the 100 backstroke by placing fourth in 1:13.57 while Nichols' seventh-place time of 1:20.31 in the 100 breaststroke helped produce 19 points.

"We swam lights out," said Park Rapids head coach Todd Fritze, whose team will now prepare for the Section 8A meet Nov. 9-10 at Warroad. "Coming in, we had three good weeks of training and that helped us swim fast. The girls swam really well and we raced better. Now we just need to fine-tune some things (for the section meet)."


Team scores: Detroit Lakes 569, Park Rapids 355, Perham/New York Mills 249, Staples-Motley 122.

Individual results

Diving: 1, Yliniemi, DL, 443.60. 2, Fischer, DL, 412.80. 3, J. Hegg, DL, 379.10. 6, Eischens, PR, 303.75.

200 medley relay: 1, Detroit Lakes (Retz, Gulon, Tracy, Steinke), 1:56.02 (meet record; old record: 1:56.19 by Park Rapids in 2015). 2, Park Rapids (Smee, Nichols, E. Ulvin, Vrieze), 2:04.01. 3, Perham (McDonald, Ingebrand, I. Mursu, Richter), 2:06.63. 4, Park Rapids (A. Voigt, Kaseman, Damar, Wagner), 2:09.22.

200 freestyle: 1, Peterson, DL, 2:04.59. 2, Hamm, DL, 2:11.09. 3, Schneider, SM, 2:11.93. 4, C. Voigt, PR, 2:15.60. 5, O. Ulvin, PR, 2:17.51. 11, Skoblik, PR, 2:30.53. 13, Cl. Voigt, PR, 2:40.30.

200 individual medley: 1, Tracy, DL, 2:13.46 (meet record; old record: 2:15.64 by Tracy in 2017). 2, Gerdes, DL, 2:28.67. 3, A. Voigt, PR, 2:29.34. 4, Smee, PR, 2:30.28. 6, Nichols, PR, 2:38.93. 7, Kaseman, PR, 2:40.77.

50 freestyle: 1, E. Ulvin, PR, 25.89. 2, Steinke, DL, 26.25. 3, Westrum, DL, 26.68. 5, Vrieze, PR, 27.47. 6, Damar, PR, 27.85. 14, Berndt, PR, 34.92.

100 butterfly: 1, Tracy, DL, 58.96. 2, Westrum, DL, 1:04.89. 3, E. Ulvin, PR, 1:07.80. 4, Smee, PR, 1:09.10. 10, Seifert, PR, 1:22.33. 12, Offerdahl, PR, 1:27.65.


100 freestyle: 1, Steinke, DL, 57.59. 2, Johnson, DL, 58.48. 3, Richter, PNYM, 59.23. 4, Vrieze, PR, 1:01.10. 5, Damar, PR, 1:03.07. 9, Skoblik, PR, 1:07.37. 10, Wagner, PR, 1:09.23.

500 freestyle: 1, Gulon, DL, 5:24.24. 2, Peterson, DL, 5:42.57. 3, Hamm, DL, 5:56.77. 5, Ch. Voigt, PR, 6:04.79. 7, Lee, PR, 6:14.46. 8, O. Ulvin, PR, 6:15.97. 9, Deshayes, PR, 6:46.55.

200 freestyle relay: 1, Detroit Lakes (Johnson, Westrum, Henderson, Peterson), 1:46.55. 2, Park Rapids (E. Ulvin, A. Voigt, O. Ulvin, Vrieze), 1:48.65. 3, Perham (I. Mursu, Carow, Ingebrand, Richter), 1:52.60. 6, Park Rapids (Wagner, Deshayes, Skoblik, Ch. Voigt), 1:59.61.

100 backstroke: 1, Retz, DL, 1:07.10. 2, A. Voigt, PR, 1:09.21. 3, I. Mursu, PNYM, 1:10.78. 4, Wagner, PR, 1:13.57. 7, Seifert, PR, 1:17.86. 11, Cl. Voigt, PR, 1:24.10.

100 breaststroke: 1, Gulon, DL, 1:11.34. 2, Gerdes, DL, 1:13.91. 3, Schneider, SM, 1:15.70. 7, Nichols, PR, 1:20.31. 8, Kaseman, PR, 1:20.87. 9, Shepersky, PR, 1:23.44. 10, Lee, PR, 1:24.44.

400 freestyle relay: 1, Detroit Lakes (Tracy, Peterson, Steinke, Gulon), 3:47.47 (meet record; old record: 3:48.22 by Detroit Lakes in 2017). 2, Detroit Lakes (Westrum, Henderson, Retz, Johnson), 4:05.85. 3, Park Rapids (O. Ulvin, Ch. Voigt, Damar, Smee), 4:10.26.

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