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Area runners compete in Fargo Marathon

Several area runners competed in the full and half races at Saturday's Fargo Marathon.

Four runners completed the 26.2-mile marathon. Justine Rittgers of Park Rapids (age 21) finished in 3:24:06 while Davin Torola of Park Rapids (age 39) crossed the finish line in 4:14:02. Menahga's Nicholas Jasmer (age 25) finished in 3:32:11 and Menahga's Ben Hendrickson (age 31) clocked a time of 4:06:38.

David Tuwei of Minneapolis finished the marathon with a winning time of 2:28:24 while Semehar Tesfaye of Boston was the women's champion in 2:38:09. There were 722 men and 579 women who completed the race.

Park Rapids runners who completed the 13.1-mile half marathon included Dave Benson (age 49) in 1:40:49, Ed Waggoner (age 47) in 1:42:48, Mark Andersen (age 49) in 1:47:13, Kent Cease (age 54) in 1:52:17, Brian Behrens (age 46) in 1:52:37, Madison Steffel (age 18) in 1:52:48, Ryan Paulouski (age 29) in 2:00:57, Carly Waggoner (age 19) in 2:06:32, Kate Lachowitzer (age 26) in 2:07:37, Matthew Kaufenberg (age 45) in 2:12:37, Sarah Kaufenberg (age 43) in 2:12:37, Dustin Jordahl (age 32) in 2:21:42 and Kim Holder (age 48) in 3:09:37.

Completing the half marathon from Nevis were David Lewis (age 42) in 1:18:27, Brian Hobson (age 37) in 1:46:50, Jolene Harris (age 34) in 2:13:29 and Nancy Lewis (age 43) in 2:19:12. Menahga's Sarah Maninga (age 24) finished in 2:02:43 while Osage's Leah Shepersky finished in 2:02:42.

Paul Getembe of Grand Prairie, Texas, won the men's title in 1:07:58 while Jaclyn Adamson of Winnipeg won the women's title in 1:22:34.

Several other area runners competed in the 5K and 10K races.