TORONTO -- A First Nations community in northern Ontario may be giving Loch Ness a run for its money.

Reports from the remote community a few hundred kilometers south of Hudson Bay say a strange creature was pulled from a local creek earlier this month -- a creature some are calling a monster.

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Photos of the furry, bald-faced creature were posted on the official website of the Big Trout Lake community and have since caused a flurry of speculation on the Internet.

According to the website, two local nurses were hiking near the creek when they noticed their dog Sam sniffing something in the water.

The dog pulled the 30-centimeter-long dead creature from the water and the two women snapped some photos of it.

Its strange appearance has led to speculation it may be the mythical Ogopogo, the Chupacabra or some other marine monster, like the Loch Ness Monster. Others have pointed out it could be a water-logged bear cub or otter.

The community's official website can be found at