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Paul John Scott

Health Reporter

Paul John Scott is the health reporter for NewsMD and the Rochester Post Bulletin. He is a novelist and was an award-winning magazine journalist for 15 years prior to joining the FNS in 2019.

His areas of coverage include health care, population health, health policy, behavioral sciences, medicine, clinical trials, physical fitness, diet and nutrition, basic sciences and the social and cultural context of personal health.

He lives in Rochester with his wife, two children and Scottish Terrier.

Pronouns: He/him
Languages: English

Email: pscott@forumcomm.com

Phone: (507) 285-7726

Study found those who could not pass a simple test had twice the risk of mortality.
Cannon Falls Winery is the third stop for a statewide tour of Town Halls on emerging issues in Greater Minnesota.
Single mothers who reported inconsistent access to food in their chilhood were more likely to pressure their children to eat when not hungry, and to worry about their children's weight.
The project, a partnership between Fairview Health Services and Tennesee-based Acadia Healthcare, will be on the site of the former Bethesda Hospital in St. Paul, and will serve adults requiring long term mental health care.
Critics say warnings over "post-abortion syndrome" are unsupported by the best evidence and that the state Positive Alternatives Grant Program should not be funding crisis pregnancy centers that endorse it.
Minnesota is part of a nationwide effort to track where people receive alcoholic beverages prior to incidents involving law enforcement.
Bebtelovimab is designed as a treatment option for those newly diagnosed with COVID-19 who cannot take Paxlovid and are deemed at high risk of severe outcomes. It replaces a series of monoclonal treatments that no longer are effective against virus due to mutation.
The Minnesota Department of Health's first-ever such study finds high disparities among Indigenous, Black persons, with most deaths in the months following giving birth associated but not related to pregnancy.
A ban would halt the manufacture and sale of peppermint-flavored cigarettes and cigars. The cigarettes, which are used by 18.5 million Americans and 85% of Black smokers, are known to appeal to young users, increase tolerability, and make it harder to quit. Health officials say the ban would not result in the targeting of individual smokers for enforcement.
There is no evidence of deficiency of serotonin in depression, authors report, refuting a belief held by 80% of the public. The misconception, long invoked as a reasoning for long term use of SSRI medications, has been known for over a decade, critics say, but psychiatrists have not made an effort to formally inform the public.