Park Rapids boys run to title at Pelican Rapids

The United North Central girls capture the title at the Frazee Invitational.

Noah Huot finished fourth overall in leading Park Rapids to the team title at the Pelican Rapids Invitational on Thursday, Sept. 30, 2021. Vance Carlson / Park Rapids Enterprise

Having six runners finish in the top 10 spots led the Park Rapids boys cross country team to the title at the Glenn Moerke Invitational at Pelican Rapids on Thursday, Sept. 30.

Noah Huot (fourth in 18:18), Darryl Etter (fifth in 18:21), Ephraim Bervig (seventh in 18:28), Eli Bervig (eighth in 18:33) and Blaine Hensel (ninth in 18:36) gave the Panthers 33 points in this five-team meet. Logan Maanum (10th in 18:40) and Thomas Lopez (15th in 19:25) rounded out the team score as Park Rapids won its second title of the season.

Charlie Larson of Pelican Rapids led the 31-runner field with a winning 5K time of 17:23. Bertha-Hewitt (64), Pelican Rapids (67) and Lake Park-Audubon (69) followed the Panthers in the team standings while Verndale fielded an incomplete team.

In the girls meet, Pelican Rapids took first with 21 points as the Panthers followed with 38 points.

Natalia Lopez (sixth in 22:37), Julia Harmon (eighth in 23:05), Aleka London (10th in 23:19), Makenzie Mack (17th in 25:59) and Lyvia Livermore (18th in 26:04) comprised Park Rapids’ varsity.


Lake Park-Audubon’s Ellen Schauer set the pace with a winning 5K time of 20:59.

Boys team scores: Park Rapids 33, Bertha-Hewitt 64, Pelican Rapids 67, Lake Park-Audubon 69, Verndale incomplete.
Individual results
1, Charlie Larson, Pelican, 17:23. 2, Brady Rach, BH, 17:28. 3, Taylor Johnson, LPA, 18:15. 4, Noah Huot, PR, 18:18. 5, Darryl Etter, PR, 18:21. 7, Ephraim Bervig, PR, 18:28. 8, Eli Bervig, PR, 18:33. 9, Blaine Hensel, PR, 18:36. 10, Logan Maanum, PR, 18:40. 15, Thomas Lopez, PR, 19:25. JV: Asher Bervig, PR, 20:11; Damien Dejarlais, PR, 22:39; Jayson Ward, PR, 22:44; Castle London, PR, 22:51; Owen Hoverson, PR, 22:51; Cameron Runyan, PR, 24:10; Aidan Yliniemi Hensel, PR, 24:12; Leo Kaufenberg, PR, 24:28; Nolan Eckmann, PR, 24:52; Sean Ward, PR, 25:26.
Girls team scores: Pelican Rapids 21, Park Rapids 38. Incomplete teams: Bertha-Hewitt, Lake Park-Audubon, Verndale.
Individual results
1, Ellen Schauer, LPG, 20:59. 2, Beth Schauer, LPA, 21:36. 3, Kendra Miller, BH, 21:58. 4, Sylvia Pesch, Pelican, 22:04. 5, Megan Guler, Pelican, 22:36. 6, Natalia Lopez, PR, 22:37. 8, Julia Harmon, PR, 23:05. 10, Aleka London, PR, 23:19. 17, Makenzie Mack, PR, 25:59. 18, Lyvia Livermore, PR, 26:04. JV: Sarah Hartung, PR, 26:17; Embry Deshayes, PR, 26:21; Lydia Hawn, PR, 26:45; Amelia Gravdahl, PR, 27:05; Alli Eischens, PR, 28:54; Alessia Harmon, PR, 29:45; Jalen Hensel, PR, 32:14.

Aho sets pace at Frazee meet

Anajlie Aho clocked a winning 5K time of 20:14 in leading the United North Central girls cross country team to the title at the Frazee Invitational on Thursday, Sept. 30.

Elsa Komppa (third in 22:12), Joanna Lehto (fourth in 22:37), Miley Westberg (seventh in 23:30) and Kaylie Westberg (ninth in 23:59) gave the Warriors 24 points to top the four-team field. Emma Isaacson (14thin 25:42) rounded out UNC’s varsity.

Frazee was second with 48 points and New York Mills was third with 52 points.

In the boys meet, UNC had an incomplete team with Riley Livingston (eighth in 19:34), Wesley Hodge (19th in 23:34) and Henry Hultberg (22nd in 28:23) running for the Warriors.

Nathan Johnson of Frazee led the pack with a 5K time of 17:16 while Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton claimed the team title with 20 points.

Girls team score: United North Central 24, Frazee 48, New York Mills 52, Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton incomplete.
Individual results
1, Anjalie Aho, UNC, 20:14. 2, Jade Geisen, NYM, 22:06. 3, Elsa Komppa, UNC, 22:12. 4, Joanna Lehto, UNC, 22:37. 5, Braylee Riewer, F, 23:15. 7, Miley Westberg, UNC, 23:30. 9, Kaylie Westberg, UNC, 23:59. 14, Emma Isaacson, UNC, 25:42.
Boys team scores: Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton 20, Frazee 44, New York Mills 74, United North Central incomplete.
Individual results
1, Nathan Johnson, F, 17:16. 2, Chandler Gray, DGF, 17:58. 3, Owen Winter, DGF, 18:27. 4, Joe Wilson, DGF, 18:43. 5, Oliver Jesme, DGF, 18:44. 8, Riley Livingston, UNC, 19:34. 19, Wesley Hodge, UNC, 23:34. 22, Henry Hultberg, UNC, 28:23.
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