WORD ON THE STREET: Water conservation

The Enterprise asked random people in downtown Park Rapids, “Are you doing anything to conserve water during the drought, and if so, what?” Here are their responses.

Photos by Robin Fish/Enterprise, July 21, 2021

Alana Osborn: “No, not really, as of right now.” (Robin Fish/Enterprise, July 21, 2021)

Laura Spoonmore: “I recycle rainwater to water my plants, so I don't have to use the hose, and to water the dog.” (Robin Fish/Enterprise, July 21, 2021)


Sue DeWhitt: “I try to use as little water as possible. I have watering on a timer. I just try to stay conscious of what’s going on. Water is so precious.” (Robin Fish/Enterprise, July 21, 2021)

Daniel Miller: “We get water from a well. I can’t think that I’ve honestly done anything to conserve water here. I’ve actually done a little more, watering some of the little pine trees and the lilies, because I don’t know if they might die.” (Robin Fish/Enterprise, July 21, 2021)

Katie Heintz: “We are not running our faucets when we brush our teeth. We’re making sure that we turn them off, and we’re not watering our grass as much.” (Robin Fish/Enterprise, July 21, 2021)

Carol Wallgren: “We certainly are not watering our lawn.” (Robin Fish/Enterprise, July 21, 2021)


Brooke Grewe: “I don’t water my lawn.” (Robin Fish/Enterprise, July 21, 2021)

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Opinion by Robin Fish
Robin Fish is a staff reporter at the Park Rapids Enterprise. Contact him at or 218-252-3053.
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