Why choose pet adoption? What makes it special?

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This is surprisingly a very common question amongst visitors and potential adopters.

Those who have adopted a dog, cat, or other type of pet may already know this feeling. There are many ways why adopting an animal can change you, and the pet’s life, completely.

I have always been an adoption advocate, but when I started working at the shelter it really cemented this belief. Many do not get to see the behind the scenes, in our adoption process and I find that very unfortunate. In this article, I hope to give you, reader, the insight it may take for you to consider adoption.

We hear time and time again that it makes people upset to see dogs and cats here in the shelter. Most fail to realize that many of our pets are better off here than where they were before because the animal was a stray, living in a bad home situation or surrendered by its owner.

Our staff gives each and every pet attention throughout the day, whether that is daily leash walking, bathing, brushing, playing fetch and more. We do our very best to make sure all of our animals get interaction every day, and that our staff treat them like their own.


When you make the decision to bring one of our dogs or cats home, you get the chance to make sure the dog or cat will work for you. If it does not, the dog or cat will have an open spot at the shelter to come back to. This makes it so much easier on the animal, then getting juggled around from home to home.

Our pets come fully vaccinated, spayed/neutered, disease tested, micro-chipped, the whole deal.

Our staff members know the personalities of the pets that we have here tremendously well. We try our best to make sure we place our dogs and cats in homes that we think are their best chance at a permanent home.

We have an easy adoption and screening process that helps us get to know you and your home situation. This helps us make our placements much more ideal, rather than placing animals and hoping for the best.

You may not know not know this but, adopting a pet from our shelter opens up kennel space for us to be able to help more strays, surrenders and the difficult neglect cases we get often. You, readers, are how we save more and more animals each year. We cannot stress enough how your contributions are appreciated, even if it is just a visit.

Breanna says, “Adoption is amazing because it gives animals a second chance. Imagine a time when you were given a second chance. Maybe you didn’t deserve it at the time, but it’s made you a better person now. An animal however usually ends up at the shelter due to no fault of their own and for the sake of his or her own well-being. Though the shelter is a safe and loving place, there is always a sparkle in the eyes of newly adopted cats and dogs. They know they have finally found their second chance and a loving forever home. Please think about giving a shelter animal a second chance like you once had and try adoption.”

Ashlee says, “Adoption is an amazing thing because it gives animals a new look on life, especially abused or neglected animals. They deserve a kind and loving home, and I like being a part of making that come true. I would recommend it to anybody who is looking for a new furry friend. I personally have adopted a few dogs and cats, and it was the best decision I ever made. To be able to give an animal a forever home and an amazing like made such a difference.”

As I said earlier, I have always been an adoption advocate. Most of my family’s dogs have come from the shelter or were found as strays.


Although our pets here at Headwaters are not on a timeline and they can stay here for however long it takes, it is a great feeling watching an animal go out the door with their new family. I love calling our clients with dogs or cats on foster and hearing how excited, and happy they are with their new companion. That feeling of pure bliss will never get old.

Holly Packman is the cat manager for the Headwaters Animal Shelter.

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