UTKE: Ask governor, House speakers to fund Hubbard County DAC

Funding for the Development Achievement Center (DAC) is past due.

Thank you to the Park Rapids Enterprise for an informative article about challenges that our local DAC is facing.

The Hubbard County DAC is doing a good job, considering the current COVID-19 restrictions. Thank you to our local residents for your support of the DAC operation, but the DAC cannot operate long-term under the current financial limitations.

During the 2020 legislative session, the Senate has passed bills to fund day services providers, like our local DAC. The latest bill that was passed in the Senate was for $30 million dollars during the first special session in June. Unfortunately, the House did not even hear the bill.

The Senate has another bill to supply funding for our day services providers ready to go for the expected upcoming special session.


Please contact the Governor’s office and the House leadership’s offices to tell them how important this funding is for our providers across all of Minnesota.

Gov. Tim Walz: 651-201-3400

House Speaker Melissa Hortman: 651-296-4280

House Majority Leader Ryan Winkler: 651-296-7026

We have a great example here in Park Rapids/Hubbard County of what services for our disabled citizens should look like. Our DAC and residential providers do a wonderful job of providing these services. Now we need to get them the funding they need to operate.

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