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Sheriff’s blotter bloopers of 2021

Hubbard County dispatch incidents had some "ha ha" and "hmmm" moments last year.

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In the tradition of “funny Hubbard County incidents” of years past, here are a few items from the sheriff’s blotter that made our typesetter laugh during 2021.

As usual, some of these are “ha, ha” funny and some are funny in the sense of making you go “hmm.”

Please note, our records of dispatch incidents are very incomplete for last year, due to the sheriff’s office dispatch reporting software going offline and not being repaired or replaced anytime after Sept. 19.

We hope the county’s reporting system gets well soon, so that Enterprise readers can continue to enjoy Hubbard County Incidents during the new year.

Animal related

Jan. 8: A County 16 caller complained about a neighbor’s dog barking all the time for its whole life.


Jan. 19: A 110th St. caller reported a black bear in his yard with a garbage can lid around his neck.

March 25: A U.S. Hwy. 71 caller wanted to know if it’s legal to have his dog ride on his motorcycle.

June 27: A white donkey with a red halter was reported running down State Hwy. 34.

July 23: A Laporte caller reported a kitten was stuck in the ductwork under his house and it was driving him crazy.


Jan. 2: On an open-line 911 call, everyone in the background sounded happy and someone was singing along to “Oh, what a feeling.”

Feb. 28: A caller who misdialed 911 said her phone wouldn’t zoom out, and she was trying to turn it off.

March 9: A Lake George caller reported a neighbor was putting her horse manure on his property, which caller was trying to sell and had already lost one sale as a result.

April 29: A Park Rapids caller reported that a male asked to use caller’s phone, telling the person on the other end, “Things are really hot and I need to get out of here fast,” and seemed to be talking in code about meeting “at the middle” and “going to M’s.”


May 14: An Akeley Twp. caller reported a someone with a hearse-shaped vehicle with a black-and-white American flag pulled a beaver dam that created a pond where caller kept minnows.

July 24: A Nevis Twp. caller reported that the power went out and came back on, and now every smoke alarm in the house was going off and caller couldn’t turn them off as they were wired alarms.

July 3: A caller reported that while walking, he saw a sign that said “poop” and next to it was feces.

Aug. 25: A County 16 caller wondered if someone could come over and plug her TV back in.

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