Rep. Green should find facts

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In the June 22 Park Rapids Enterprise, Steve Green made a number of statements I would like to address.

He said that "Antifa and Muslim organizations plan to police Minneapolis under Muslim rule.” If he makes such an outrageous statement, he should back it up with facts. In our politically divided society, this adds to fear and rumors.

Green talks about a bill that imposes eminent domain on destroyed businesses. He should know that few bills pass. Our state has just gone through a traumatic period. If the COVID pandemic wasn't enough, the killing of George Floyd by a police officer sparked long held-back racial tensions.

Green goes on to say that "communism is moving into Minneapolis and St. Paul.” What? In the midst of a serious health threat, Gov. Tim Walz, taxed with the job of protecting the safety of each citizen, has to make hard decisions. Everything about this virus is unknown. So what is a leader to do? He is looking at the facts, consulting the experts, talking with other leaders and putting together the best plan to keep everyone safe, which is hard to do, but easy to criticize. Green encourages forming coalitions to pressure the state to open businesses. But unfortunately, the virus is spreading, not diminishing. We all want this to go away. We are sick of it. We want life to return to normal. We aren't children incapable of thinking of no one but ourselves If the numbers get better, the economy can be safely opened. This is communism?

"Our governor has subverted our constitution,” says Green. Please explain, Mr. Green. Where does our constitution deal with a pandemic?


Green speculated that Walz’s goal is for total mail-in voting and removing “the county and local precincts.” What a divisive thought. Secretary of State Steve Simon would like to lower the amount of in-person voters by half. There are about 3,000 precincts, all with election officials and judges. Judges are usually older folks and are more susceptible to the coronavirus. Simon is worried about their health and willingness to volunteer. Absentee voting causes less strain on the election process.

It gets worse! Green said he’s seen “videos of busloads of people going from precinct to precinct." When votes are verified later, "we’ve got into the tens of thousands that come back after elections that nobody lives where they were registered to vote.”

Pat Kessler, from CBS Minnesota News, on January 10, 2018 wrote the following: "Were there any actual, voting convictions in Minnesota? You betcha — 11 of them.” WCCO tracks voter irregularities in Minnesota. There were 11 voting violations. Most were felons and didn’t know they weren’t allowed to vote. Where did those videos come from, Mr. Green?

Finally, Green claims that Attorney General Keith Ellison “may try to close down all of northern Minnesota.” Ellison is trying to prevent a St. Cloud area restaurant from opening dine-in service in six establishments he owns. He is open for delivery and carry-out service. Ellison's office "has the duty to enforce the law and the Governor’s order to protect Minnesotans’ health and to protect businesses that are complying with the order from unfair competition. I take that duty seriously." Is this closing northern Minnesota?

These comments by Green are not true. Elected officials should tell the truth.

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