REP. GREEN: Rally this Sunday against mandated sex ed curriculum

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State Rep. Steve Green

Families from throughout Minnesota will be attending a rally this Sunday in St. Paul to advocate for protecting our children from proposals to mandate that Minnesota schools teach comprehensive sex ed curriculum developed in coordination with Planned Parenthood.

I plan to be at the rally (1:30 to 3:30 p.m., Sunday, Sept. 22, on the steps of the Capitol) and encourage other District 2B residents to attend as well.

This issue surfaced during the 2019 session with Democrats authoring a bill (H.F. 1414) that came right out of the Planned Parenthood playbook, putting that organization in charge of sex ed being taught to our elementary-age children. The bill would allow people without a teaching license (see: Planned Parenthood) to instruct our children in the classroom, while the sex ed content requires the teaching of relationships involving various sexual orientations and gender identities.

This push contradicts current law that emphasizes abstinence and it also lets Planned Parenthood write the sexual health curriculum, which includes material that can best be described as pornographic. Among the sex material Planned Parenthood endorses is the book "It's Perfectly Normal," including explicit images that our schools should not be putting in front of our children.

Planned Parenthood’s own website brags about the fact the organization is the largest provider of comprehensive sex ed in Minnesota, while praising the egregious sex ed curriculum Democrats are pushing.


While it is good H.F. 1414 stalled in the process last session, you can bet Planned Parenthood and House Democrats will continue pushing their over-the-top agenda on us. I will do my best to keep people up to speed on this issue and local residents are encouraged to attend this rally to help deliver this message to legislators: We strongly oppose allowing objectionable material to be presented to our children … especially by unlicensed, uncertified activists brought into our schools to teach materials they’ve developed.

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