LWV Park Rapids seeks help with history project

At the end of April, League of Women Voters (LWV) Park Rapids sent three delegates to the state League Convention in St. Paul.

We were so inspired by an exhibit of 100 years of League history put on by the League of Women Voters St. Paul. They incorporated the traveling exhibit that the LWV Minnesota, with the help of the Minnesota Historical Society, put together with their own local history, which consisted of their scrapbooks, an old voting machine, old civics textbooks, plus several posters of a narrative of their own 100 years of “Educating Voters” posters.

LWV Park Rapids, the Nemeth Art Center and Hubbard County Historical Society are putting together a show in May 2020 to highlight the centennial of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote.

The League of Women Voters was officially formed the day after the amendment was ratified. It is not often that an organization reaches its 100 birthday.

But we need your help. LWV Park Rapids was officially formed in 2000 by 15 women in the area. A couple of women had been League members several years before.


But that history has been lost.

Therefore, we are seeking out community members who can help us in several different ways.

Search your memories, old family stories and your scrapbooks.

  • Do you have any information about the League of Women Voters in Park Rapids before 2000?

  • Do you have any stories about women in your family voting for the first time?

  • Do you have any posters, campaign buttons or other memorabilia from women candidates in the area?

  • Can we find an old voting machine, ballot box, old voter registration, etc?

If you can help us, please visit us at our Crazy Days booth on Friday, July 25. We will be near the Hubbard County Historical Society, whose members will be selling root beer floats.
League of Women Voters Park Rapids Area is a non-partisan volunteer organization, whose mission is to encourage informed and active participation in government and influence public policy through education and advocacy. All our programs are free and open to the public. Please direct any questions about LWV to our group by emailing LWV membership is open to men and women, and we welcome new members. Follow our activities, events on our website:

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