LWV Park Rapids: Our candidate is democracy


According to the Braver Angels website, “Politics is tough. It always has been. American politics is competitive, thrilling, frustrating – and infuriating. The stakes are high. Issues are important. Outcomes matter. This is why we care, and should care, about our politics.

But do our politics have to be demonizing? Does it have to bring out the worst in us? Do our politics have to destroy the goodwill of our society? Is the dehumanizing of our fellow Americans something we should accept?”

We, the members of the Park Rapids Area League of Women Voters (LWV), are troubled by the recent actions of some people during this political season. We have been witnessing interference with peaceful demonstrations and motorcades, reports of gestures, name calling, the theft or destruction of political and non-political signs, to name just a few. These are all symptoms of bigger issues in our polarized society. LWV strongly believes that these behaviors detract from the seriousness of our election process and destroy the community.

The LWV has always encouraged respectful and civil discourse among people with different political views. It is through such discourse that voters are educated about candidates’ beliefs and positions. We do not, however, take partisan positions that support one candidate or one party.

In short, our candidate is democracy. We support anything that furthers people’s rights to learn about candidates, respectfully express their views, civilly persuade others and to vote their conscience.


We implore everyone to take the time to study each candidate, make a serious choice and follow the rules. Then the goal is to count the votes, show respect to all involved and come together after an election to make the best decisions for this community. We must not tear our community apart before the elections.

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League of Women Voters of Park Rapids Area is a non-partisan volunteer organization whose mission is to encourage informed and active participation in government and influence public policy through education and advocacy.

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