Lions are helping here and around the world

"From hunger, vision, humanitarian and disaster relief, cancer, diabetes and several other programs, we are here to serve," writes Park Rapids Lion Zelda Novak.


As I entered the grocery store today, I was struck by the colorful and bountiful area of fruits and vegetables and the many choices we have to feed ourselves and families.

Not everyone is so fortunate. Many parts of the world, including the U.S. suffer from famine, droughts and disasters.

One of the many reasons I am proud to be a Lion member of the largest service organization in the world are the many programs we support both locally and internationally.

From hunger, vision, humanitarian and disaster relief, cancer, diabetes and several other programs, we are here to serve.

On my mind today is Ukraine. I want to share an article from the Walker Pilot by Lion Ann McLarty, with her permission: “It has been a year since the war started in Ukraine. Everyone was expecting something bad, but actually no one expected it would be so disastrous and that full-scale.


When a crisis of this magnitude occurs, the Lions and Lions Clubs International Foundation are among the first to offer a helping hand.

To date, Lions Clubs International has awarded 53 grants, totaling more than $2.8 million. This money has been sent to 17 countries to support various Lions projects to help Ukrainian refugees.

It covers a wide range of needs including transitional needs, mid- to long-term settlement as well as services to help them integrate into their new communities. Over 230,000 refugees will be supported by the grant’s funds.

Lions in Poland, Sweden, France and Lithuania have asked how they could help right from the beginning. Lions are continuing to provide refugees with food, clothes and medical supplies.

Today (Sunday) comes the news of devastating tornadoes causing loss of life and destroying entire towns, also the ongoing damage in California. The Lions International Foundation will be providing immediate help in the form of emergency grants.”

The Park Rapids Lions serve in many local and district capacities – from being on the cabinet, serving on the lifelong learning board, volunteering with the food shelf and many others.

We are here to serve. Wouldn’t you like to see what we have to offer?

To learn more, contact Lion Zelda Novak at 218-255-7247 or Lion Dick Kimball at 218-255-0233.


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