LETTER: Woke weaponization of government

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Park Rapids Enterprise

Thanks to Fred Lundstrom for pushing back on the evil woke ideology.

Let’s look a little deeper into Lee Purrier’s “I am woke” (March 17). His letter stumbles over itself glorifying wokeism, but fails to mention any aspects of the downside.

Many of the woke “enlightened” men he mentioned owned slaves; very anti-woke.

In fact, Woodrow Wilson, a very racist, Democratic president and former president of Ivy League Princeton University actually purged the federal workforce of Black workers.

Barack Obama, a Democratic president and his Attorney General Eric Holder chose to become the most divisive, race-baiting administration to date.


Obama’s vice president Joe Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland are broadening the divide.

President Abraham Lincoln, a Republican president, freed the black American slaves.

The woke geniuses recently have weaponized government agencies illegally to further their brilliant, patriotic intelligence to further THEIR life, liberty and pursuit of happiness to the chagrin of the tax-paying citizens.

Randi Weingarten collaborated with the National School Board Association to pressure the attorney general to charge parents in Virginia for peacefully protesting implementation of Critical Race Theory in their schools. Fortunately, that backfired and the result was electing their opponent.

More recently, it has come to light that the Biden FBI planted an undercover agent in a Catholic Church to spy on Catholics. The same document shows the FBI intended to use other local religious organizations as “new tripwires and source of development.”

Truly “patriotic” Joe Biden has done nothing to protect our borders.

Mr. Purrier, our woke government is not as friendly and patriotic as you would have us believe.

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