LETTER: Woke is an evil ideology

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Park Rapids Enterprise

I would like to respond to Lee Purrier’s letter in which he proudly and arrogantly stated, “I am woke!”

I said “arrogantly” because of the way he framed being woke.

Intelligent, empathetic, loyal, patriotic and many more wonderful things that have made us the land of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. He is entitled to his opinion.

Wokeism is difficult to define since it encompasses so many ideas.

Max Funk, a college professor that studies wokeism, in 2020 wrote this to define what it means to be woke. He states “wokeism is the new religion of the west. Woke pretends to be compassionate and to pursue justice, but is an evil ideology incompatible with western values and our Christian beliefs.”


It encompasses Critical Race Theory, which states if you are white you are racist, and oppresses all people of color and since we will always be white there is no redemption.

Wokeism rewrites history stating this wonderful country was built on slavery and racism and Purrier states our founding fathers were woke. What?!

He states people that aren’t woke must be the opposite of woke, willingly ignorant with little regard for the health and well-being of all residents.

Purrier, if you write these letters, you aren’t going to change people’s minds if you insult them with words like “willingly ignorant.” You write many letters, but when you denigrate people you feel may disagree with what you are prophesying, the message is lost on them and you lose the opportunity to change minds, which I would think would be your goal.

Please write to state your thoughts and have them be so well thought out that readers will consider that perhaps they need to reconsider their views. I feel you aren’t effective if you try to shame them and call them stupid or uninformed, just blindly voting their party line.

I think we need to read differing opinions, but we need to try to be respectful of readers that do not agree with us.

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