LETTER: Why is Line 3 still on hold?

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The number of people applying for unemployment insurance in northern Minnesota has gone up every week since COVID-19. One of the ways to change this is to do something now that puts Minnesotans back to work to stop this trend.

This can happen without taxpayers paying for it by approving a ready-to-go infrastructure project. Luckily, we have the Line 3 project that has been ready for five years. Replacing Line 3 will put over 4,000 people to work this year in good-paying jobs and invest over $2 billion into our economy.

At such an important time, why is this project still on hold and why have we been wasting taxpayer money for six years to review and approve this project over and over? The answer is there are no good reasons for further delays.

Our state needs oil, it needs it transported safely, and it will for the foreseeable future. We need people getting back to work.

Those in charge need to stop playing political games and approve the Line 3 project. This is what is best for our people, economy and our environment.

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