LETTER: Tired of different viewpoints forced down our throats

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Park Rapids Enterprise

Thank you, Mr. McFeely (“GOP introduces bill to secede from Minnesota,” Opinion, April 26), for showing us your disdain for those who differ with your way of thinking.

I am very proud of my state senator and representative, who strive mightily against those who have no regard for people who live outstate – you know – the cows and rocks. They at least know what it’s like to have a small business that is being crushed by regulations. They know and understand how to work with their hands. They understand us.

Thank you for showing how empathetic you are with your compassionate ideology which seems to say: “We’re in charge and don’t you forget it.”

Thank you for saying that those of us who care for the land (and the trees and the lakes and the animals who live there) can “move to either of the Dakotas with ease.” Your contempt displays an ignorance of how people in outstate Minnesota live.

How do you take a small business you have spent years building and the customer base that goes with it, and move it to another state? How do you take the farm that has been in your family for generations and “move it with ease?” Your ignorance is pathetic.


Thank you for classifying us as “whining” when we are “tired of picking on transgender children, supporting popular abortion restrictions…whining about COVID-19 restrictions,...” etc.

We are not whining. We are tired of having a different viewpoint of life shouted from the rooftops and from the front of schoolrooms and forced down our throats.

We are tired of the “in your face” attitude that is displayed when we object. We are tired of being told that the way we live and think is somehow abnormal, when our way of life was the way of life, until recently.

You, sir, need to spend some time with those who work with their hands for a living. Like a couple years. Then maybe your attitude won’t be so sanctimonious.

Meanwhile, you don’t want to listen to us whine? Keep ticking us off and listen to us roar.

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