LETTER: Thumbs up to Hugo’s

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This past weekend, my wife and I spent a wonderful weekend in the Park Rapids area enjoying your beautiful country. We are older people from the Twin Cities metro area trying to find ways to cope with the demands of our current state of isolation and the effects of COVID guidelines by experiencing the great outdoors of Minnesota. It's a challenge in many ways.

One of the challenges is the necessity to use public services, like hardware stores, restaurants and grocery stores. It is treacherous for us in many situations to be in public spaces because many people are not taking the basic precautions of wearing masks. It's enough of a threat for us that we often avoid places that allow the public to parade around without protection or regard for our safety.

Monday, we went to Hugo's to get lunch and, there, at the entrance was a wonderful man who monitored people coming into the store with reminders to wear masks and sanitize their hands. Both masks and hand sanitizer were available to those who didn't have either. We were both so grateful for that simple show of faith.

Thanks so much Hugo's for taking responsibility for our health and safety. We will be back.

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