LETTER: Social distance?

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I was reading thenewspaper and I saw all the wonderful photographs of the homecoming students at the school. None of them are socially distanced. None of them are wearing masks, of course, due to taking pictures, but sitting with less than 12 feet between them!

I also drove past the elementary school several times this week and have seen many children running around on the playground within two feet of each other, playing and laughing. No masks on whatsoever. Some, while the teacher (I assume it is a phy-ed teacher) is running in the lead and they behind him. Sure, they sit six feet apart while sitting on the grass and he is talking to them.

I have also observed students jogging around town within two to three feet of their friends. None wearing masks and breathing heavily on the classmate next to or behind them.

Some people seem to be confused as to why there is an uptick in the positive COVID-19 cases within Hubbard County!

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