LETTER: Sen. Utke’s poor decision-making

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In the Oct. 17 Park Rapids Enterprise, Sen. Paul Utke's commentary offers constructive criticism to the governor and Minneapolis mayor concerning poor decision-making during Minneapolis' civil unrest. They “failed to realize the seriousness of the riots and danger to Minnesotans.”

This struck me as ironic because earlier on Saturday Sen. Utke was in Cwikla Ace Hardware without a mask. He was the only person in the store that I saw without a mask. I approached and asked him how he got into the store without wearing a mask. He did not respond. I asked if he believed in the COVID-19 pandemic. He did not respond.

His actions demonstrate poor decision-making and that he fails to realize the seriousness of COVID-19 and the danger it poses to Minnesotans. To date, 2,270 Minnesotans have died due to COVID-19.

We can and must do better. Mask up, social distance and stay safe. Another quote in Sen. Utke's letter states that “The number one role of government is to keep citizens safe.” He should follow the advice he offers.

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