LETTER: Rights and responsibility go hand in hand

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I want to send a note of apology to my Democratic friends and neighbors on what took place during the Democratic campaign drive. It saddens me to read what happened. I saw the car parade, but did not join it as I do not support some of the Democratic platform; however, I do support the rights of all Americans to share their views.

In my family growing up, my father taught his children that we have rights in the family; however, with those rights, we also have responsibilities. We could maintain those rights in his home if we could handle the responsibilities.

When I joined the U.S. Marines in 1968, the same message was given to me very clearly by our drill instructor. He made it very clear we have rights in the country, but with rights comes responsibilities to maintain those rights for all Americans.

When I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior, my Heavenly Father made it very clear in Scripture I have rights and freedom in His Son; however, if I do not live my life for His Son’s glory, He will discipline me as no one brings shame to His Son’s cross. Again, responsibility goes with freedom or rights.

I am saddened that it appears to me, in our culture today, we want to center on our rights and not the responsibility that goes along with those rights.

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