LETTER: Mr. Bagstad, how dare you

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I drove past the Century Elementary today again. What did I see on the playground? All students hugging, shoving, tripping into one another while playing soccer, sitting on the ground with shoulders touching, climbing one foot away from friends on the jungle gym, etc., etc., etc. I drove past three times. Of course since they’re outside they don’t “need” a mask. Uh-huh. Alrighty then.

The school stated that kids would distance while outside without masks during phy. ed., etc. Hmmm, don’t see it.

How dare Mr. Lance Bagstad put out emails implying that the spread of COVID-19 has to do with the “community” not being careful! He constantly points to contract tracing of infected staff and students coming from “outside” the school.

Well, how many of those kids on the playground not showing symptoms and temperatures are tested for COVID-19 before showing signs, and then getting tested after symptoms start? Did they bring it home and around the community for a week first?

We all know that, as with the flu, you are contagious before feeling ill! This whole “but I feel fine” is crap. The schools refusal to enforce its guidelines is contributing to the spread. Stop passing the buck! This is why my kids won’t be in that school!


Oh, and a recent example is of an 18-plus-year-old testing positive, running around the stores maskless, both before and after testing positive. This person thinks it's funny I guess.

Say goodbye to your friends, asthma-prone child, your child’s school friend or granny.

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