LETTER: Long-term oil forecasts were wrong

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Opponents of the Line 3 replacement project have claimed that there is no demand for the oil it will transport; however, based on a recent filing by Flint Hills Resources, it appears as if the long-term forecasts were correct all along.

The consumption of oil has gone back up as people have begun to live their lives again and our refineries, specifically Flint Hills, will still need to operate at full capacity and will need the oil just as much in the long term.

Flint Hills supplies most of the fuel for our state. This includes gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel and so on. It also supplies many of the surrounding states with these items as well. They have come out and said that they need the oil from a replacement Line 3 that is restored to its full capacity because they currently cannot obtain all of the oil that they need.

Gov. Walz should listen to Flint Hills, just like he should listen to the judgement made by the Public Utilities Commission.

Let’s rebuild Line 3 and ensure that our refineries have what they need to do their job and we have a reliable source of fuel for years to come.

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