LETTER: Line 3 has bipartisan support

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President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden have been campaigning hard in Minnesota in recent weeks.

As candidates do, they’ve both made bold promises about what they will bring to Minnesota. From the outside looking in, one thing has been clear to both candidates: Minnesota’s economy really needs more jobs.

Trump expressed his support for mining projects and specifically the Line 3 replacement project. While Biden didn’t appear to take a position on Line 3, he stated his support for union workers.

Regardless of this year’s presidential election and the two candidates’ views, supporting a project like Line 3 isn’t a red or blue position.

Yes, Trump supports it, but the Obama-Biden administration issued a consent decree in 2016 that Line 3 must be replaced. In addition, Minnesota Public Utilities Commissioners appointed by our current and former DFL governors have decided in favor of the project after reviewing all the information that has gone into it over the past five years.


Line 3 has continued to have bipartisan support for a good reason: creating thousands of good-paying union jobs while replacing aging infrastructure is the right thing to do for Minnesota.

Our governor should stop playing politics over a project that is a clear win for our state. The time for delays on Line 3 is over, and the time for progress is now.

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