LETTER: Line 3 has been thoroughly studied

After years of study, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has approved the Line 3 replacement project multiple times.

Recently, PUC Commissioner Joseph Sullivan said that we should use needed utility projects to put people back to work. This is a great idea, and at the forefront of this effort should be moving forward with the biggest infrastructure project available to us – the $2.6 billion Line 3 replacement project.

This project is the most studied project of its kind in the history of our state. It has been under a microscope for several years and it is time that we finally move forward with it.

It will bring billions of private dollars (no taxpayer money) to our state and help provide thousands of jobs to those who so desperately want to work.

This project should be a no-brainer, and we need to approve it as soon as possible. Our state’s government needs to do what is best for its people and stop the unnecessary delays to this project.

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