LETTER: It’s wrong to harass MPCA, PUC officials

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Opponents of the Line 3 Replacement Project took their protests to MPCA Commissioner Laura Bishop’s neighborhood, and eventually her house.

I find this deeply disturbing that a rather large group felt it was okay to go harass someone at their own home. Granted, this is nothing new from people who will do or try anything to stop this project.

They have held mock funerals in front of the homes of all of the PUC Commissioners and thought that it was okay last year. Whatever side you are on, I feel you have the right not to be harassed.

The simple fact of the matter is that those who oppose this project do not care about anything close to being civil. They do not care that we still need oil for the foreseeable future, or that this project will put thousands to work. They do not care that pipelines are the safest way to transport oil.

Once their mind is made up, they don’t want to hear anything, not even real statistics or facts. All they want is to get their way. If that means having to intimidate public servants – so be it.


As hard as it is, it’s time for our state leaders to stop giving in to these mobs and do what is best for our state.

Line 3 is what is best for Minnesota, and our Governor can make this project happen. It’s time that he stops pandering to the mob and moves forward with Line 3.

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