LETTER: Gov. Walz, shut down Line 3 construction

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I am deeply disturbed that Enbridge's proposed Line 3 has been issued a 401 permit and Enbridge is preparing for construction! Not withstanding the environmental damages that are evident to all that have studied the permit application, a greater concern is facing us at this time.

Gov. Walz, I listened to your press release Friday night and I am totally in agreement with the measures you brought forward. You are concerned about the health and safety of all Minnesotans.

If Enbridge has their way, they will start construction in December in the midst of the worst pandemic in the last 100 years. Thousands of workers will be flooding the counties in northern Minnesota. The majority of them will be coming from out of state, potentially bringing COVID-19 with them. They will be staying in motels, resorts, hotels, private homes, etc., wherever they can find housing. They will be in big box stores, gas stations, convenience stores, spreading the virus. At a time when the pandemic is raging, this could not be a worse time to start construction.

You have stated it is your job to keep Minnesotans safe during this pandemic. To meet that goal, you must shut down all activities related to the construction of Line 3. As we all know, the virus is at its worst in the winter when we are indoors. I hope and pray you will do the right thing and shut down Line 3 construction!

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