LETTER: Find solutions, not complaints

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In these trying times, we can rejoice in reading about praiseworthy words and deeds.

Two men, however, are flies in the ointment, spewing their misplaced anger in letters to the editor.

President Trump has provided a flexible plan supporting governors to lead their states in solving the problem of the COVID-19 crisis. Perhaps now John LaFrond can redirect his frustration and constructive criticism toward Gov. Walz.

The other letter sounds like the whining of a sore loser in a bygone election. I wish that the Enterprise had exercised the right to edit an objectionable sentence in that letter. Perhaps now David Sobieski can write encouraging words and perform helpful deeds for the people he once wanted to represent.

Instead of complaining about the problem, these men can contribute to the solution in their communities. Together, we can get through these trying times.

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