LETTER: Does Park Rapids want to be the next Boston?

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I believe that the COVID-19 pandemic is a real and extreme threat to our most vulnerable populations. Death is possible. I had to buy work gloves on Saturday. I went to Ace Hardware where most people were respectful of social distancing. They did not have them.

I was appalled by what I witnessed at L&M Fleet. I was the only person with a mask on. The people shopping brought all their children to the store! Some families had four or five children and both parents with them. Groups congregated in the isles.

As an older adult with asthma, I try to shop early but this past Saturday I needed small women’s leather work gloves. I am trying to remove buckthorn and it is a wicked thorn.

My son lives in Boston, where they have been in the middle of things and witnessing the worst.

We are lucky to have, so far, missed it. A lot of the people up here social distance as a way of life. In Boston, everyone knows or has lost people to the virus.


Apparently, Park Rapids wants to be the next Boston. Children can get COVID-19 and can die from it.

Thank you for your ear. I was saddened and angered to see such disregard for our families.

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