LETTER: Disregard for community health

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I am writing today to complain about the total disregard for the mask mandate in our big box store. When the pandemic first broke out, the employees were at all the doors, blocking people from coming in without a mask. Now, there is no one in sight. When you shop there, there are people running around without a mask on.

When I complained to management, I was told that these people have health reasons for not wearing a mask. I am talking about a mother and five children, plus many others racing around the aisles. I find this totally impossible that a mother and all of her five children have health issues. This plainly is a disregard for the health of our community.

My husband has diabetes and I take a risk every time I walk into that store. I have had to stop shopping there. I urge others to do the same. Until the big box store begins to worry about the spread of the virus and the death toll, I refuse to be a victim of their disregard. They should worry about this as much as they do the shoplifters.

With this second surge coming on, we all must stand up for ourselves and our community. If you have a health condition, then show your doctor's release like we do at our place of employment – or better yet, call in your order and use the pickup service. Let us unite and refuse to shop where we risk losing our lives!

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