LETTER: Call out Planned Parenthood’s racist policies

Years ago, I had a professor who was every inch a professional educator. In response to the phrase, “people of color,” she whipped out, “White is a color.” Then she referred us to the colors in a child’s crayon box. Oh, and her skin was quite dark, and her ancestors had been slaves.

Yes, we have a God-given right to speak freely about racism. We especially have the responsibility to call out corporate racism. We must insist that our tax dollars not fund an organization with racist policies. This organization stations many of its offices in “communities of color” and is responsible for killing millions of black lives – a racist form of population control.

We can join those who are working to save lives from the racist actions of Planned Parenthood. Many voices of all skin colors speak for and serve women and their babies – and the fathers – through pregnancy care centers and other organizations. These God-given lives – of all skin colors – matter.

Young people can take up the challenge of saving lives in the next generation through organizations, such as Students for Life.

Also, we can support other advocates who speak to the financial, legal, and spiritual needs of workers escaping the slavery of the abortion industry – into a new life of freedom. We can be in this together for the health and soul of our nation.

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