LETTER: Boating incident on Lake Hattie

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We enjoy the beauty of all the lakes in Hubbard County that we have been on. The scenery on each lake is different with the trees and the landscaping. However, we had an experience this year we have never had before and it was devastating to us.

We had the opportunity to bring our grandsons up north for a week of fishing. Talking to some neat fisherpersons, they told us about pan fishing on Lake Hattie and gave us directions to get there. We arrived about 10 a.m., launched our boat and went to the place where they told us. I suppose we were there an hour when a second boat came around us. It was going at a faster speed than it should have been. It was a boat with three guys in it, and they kept going around our boat, closer that they should have been. We put up with it for about 15 minutes, then told our grandsons we would have to leave the lake, as they were disturbing our fishing by driving so close to us. None of us had our limit or anywhere close to it.

They were smart enough to always drive by us so we couldn’t see their boat number. I had my phone with and I would have called it in. We were not bothering them in any way and don’t know why they were bothering us.

We are assuming that it was someone who lived on the lake since there were no other vehicles in the parking lot. If they do live on the lake, we hope that they realize they don’t own the lake, as it is public waters.

This is the only lake where we have had this happen to us and we felt bad that our grandsons had to see such rotten sportsmanship on the waters.


Even though we don’t live in Hubbard County, we own property there so we do pay taxes. I was born and raised in the area and moved when I graduated from PRAHS.

We feel that it is common courtesy to slow up around other boats and keep a distance as well.

We hope if anyone else has any problems on any lake in Hubbard County, they will report it to the game warden and also send a letter to the editor so the public is aware of the poor sportsmanship happening on area lakes.

We do subscribe to this newspaper yearly and enjoy reading it.

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