I wish to respond to the author of the letter to the editor published in the Sept. 11 Park Rapids Enterprise.

First, I wish to establish that I am not the Robin Fish that writes for the paper. These comments are mine, not his.

Mr. Brauer is entitled to his opinions, but his ad-hominem attack on the reporter of the Sept. 4 is unworthy and undeserved. Mr. Brauer gave no information about his credentials as to determining "journalism (sic) integrity," although his insults do qualify him for the fool he said that errand would make him.

I write as a retired newspaper editor, and I found no lack of integrity in the article or the publishing of it.

I also noted Mr. Brauer failed to list his medical credentials for the attack on the nurses. They are medical professionals, and while Mr. Brauer does not agree with them, he has presented no standing to dismiss their medical judgment.

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We have been treated to a host of contradicting "evidence" throughout the course of the pandemic, and I am not medically qualified to say which doctors and nurses are following the science more closely, but in the face of such disparity of facts and prescriptions for care, I believe it behooves us to exercise caution in our public judgments.

When one set of doctors say one thing and another set directly contradicts them, we can all have our personal opinions, but it is rude to condemn someone who differs from us for their own.

Lorie Skarpness wrote a balanced article for Sept 4 and balanced the issue further by the lengthy article on Sept 11. She has shown considerable skill and journalistic integrity in this issue and facing unreasonable pressure, something I know by personal experience is challenging. It is this sort of even-handedness that makes the Park Rapids Enterprise worth reading.